To Do It or Not To Do It

To compete or not to compete…
This is the battle that I have been having with myself for months now whether to compete in a figure competition, finally step on stage and show my hard work or not to do so. The idea has always been in the back of my mind, and is always trying to push its way to the front. But I always found excuses… “I’m too busy”, “it’s impossible with being a full-time college student right now”, “I’m not ready for it”, and on and on. The first two will be solved in a month since I will soon be a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and the third bullsh*t reason I gave is exactly that. A bullsh*t reason. No one is ready. At least not right away, but that’s why it takes months, even years to prep for events like these!
Since beginning my job as a personal trainer/coach at Iron Empire, I have found more reasons to compete than not to. I have met so any wonderful people who have done shows and are so incredibly amazing and willing to share with me their experience on stage. Being surrounded by a community of people who share the same passion as me, has helped me to become a better trainer as well as push me to pursue my dream of competing. So the decision to compete (finally) has been made!
It’s going to be a long process, but I am excited! And with the team I have supporting me it’ll make for an even better experience. I am planning a 15-week prep, and am hoping to share my experience, diet, training, and more!

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