Hello/Goodbye Christmas…Week 3 Updates

Week 3 done! And Christmas has passed.
Yesterday, Christmas Day…I managed to get in a killer shoulder workout in the basement (see below). Catching up with my mom’s family was a great time and I didn’t splurge horribly on the desserts sitting around. Below is what I ate throughout the day, which allowed me to stay within my macros/calories and not feel too disgusting.

  • Breakfast: 1 bagel thin, 1 tbsp PB, 1 banana
  • Post-Workout/Snack: 1 sc Quest protein, ½ banana, 1 c almond milk, ½ c Greek yogurt
  • Christmas Dinner: 4 oz prime rib, 4 oz ham, 3 oz potato au gratin, 2 pierogis, 1 biscuit
  • and a few cookies 🙂


Back to week 3 of prep and being home.
This past week, I steadily dropped calories from 2,200 on Monday to 2,000 by Friday. I’m planning on staying at 2,000 calories for the next week or 2 to see how my body reacts. I don’t want to take calories + carbs/fats away too fast and f*ck everything up early on. So slow changes it will be.
I survived Christmas without over-doing it on desserts and wine. Feeling great today and had a solid leg workout with my hometown girl, Amy.
Anyways…this week my heaviest was 143.6lb and my weekly low was 139.6lb. I’m pretty happy with these numbers, although it is a big jump in weight…which leads me to think that I didn’t eat enough the day I traveled and I’m using a different scale at my parents. Either way, improvements in body composition have been noticed so I’m going to keep swimming along! CollageMaker_20171223_212529157
Also I got a sewing machine for Christmas…figure bikinis are about to be made! 🙂 Updates on that coming soon!

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