Week 5/11 Weeks Out

Today I’d like to talk a bit about building and keeping healthy habits. Seeing that it’s the New Year, and everyone plans on setting New Year’s resolutions.
On Monday, Brian and I decided to pick 4 activities that we felt we would benefit from and keep tabs on them for the month of January. Every night we add up our points, and whoever at the end of the month has the most points, wins something (not sure what yet). He is unfortunately beating me right now >.<
The activities we chose together were:
1.      sleep 7 hours/night – definitely don’t get enough sleep
2.      clean eating – this will be easy since I’m on prep 😊
3.      workout every day – same as 2
The 4th activity that I chose was breathing/meditation, which is much needed after a long day.
I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions, but I think building healthier habits and having someone along for the ride with you is great because it creates a mini competition, you can motivate each other, and you keep each other accountable.
In my last post I had mentioned some goals that I had set for this week. Out of the 5 that I stated, I achieved 4 ½ of them. I hit my goal of weighing in below 140lb…yay! Making progress! I was able to meal prep and track my meals throughout the week and stayed within my macros…slowly getting good at this. I started practicing suit making, it’s a slow process but starting to become more comfortable with the sewing machine and fabric. The only goal I missed was writing my workouts in advance, I didn’t do too horrible 😊
Thursday before the blizzard hit, I was able to get a quick, but good lift in. This workout gave me a great pump right away and definitely kicked my ass, especially the renegade row/pushup combo.
Week 5 is done. Since decreasing my calories at the beginning of the week, I did feel a bit more hungry this week but not to the point of feeling starved or like I am lacking energy. Weight is beginning to drop at a good/healthy pace and I can see changes in my body composition and some of my clients and friends have noticed changes as well which is motivating me even more to keep pushing through the next 10 weeks.
Week 5I’ve noticed the most changes in my abdomen and legs, as far as beginning to lean out 🙂 I’m super excited!!

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