Week 6/10 Weeks Out

Cut Phase: Jan. 6-12th
It’s Saturday which means week 6 is over and we’re onto week 7. This week I felt EXTREMELY unorganized. Work was busy and a bit stressful between meetings and new people being added to the classes (12+ people in a tiny gym space is CRAZY!) There was a list of things that I had to get done this week, but not all were met, but that is okay! Stuff with work has settled, so this weekend I plan to buckle down and get everything on my To Do list done and hopefully begin my week stress free.
Since starting this prep, I feel like I have noticed changes in my body weekly. I haven’t seen drastic change in weight, but body composition is noticeably different and there’s much more definition in my quads and abdomen than there was before. 6-pack coming soon? 😊
This weekend I am slowly dropping my calories again by 50/day until I am down to 1,800 or 1,750. Some days I still struggle to even get the 1,900 in, so I don’t think I’ll have too much of an issue with another calorie drop. And this will hopefully push for a little more weight loss. One major goal I have this week is to get more water in. Drinking a ton of water throughout the day is key to losing weight. It’s a struggle some days though.
Earlier this week, I had attempted to make a chicken broccoli casserole and failed >.<…so I ended up making chicken with black bean pasta, which was surprisingly good. Hopefully tomorrow’s meal prep will be more successful.
To make up for that failure, last night I made these awesome white chocolate protein pancakes!
Goals this week:

  1. Grocery shop & meal prep
  2. Drink more water!…shooting for a gallon/day
  3. Drop below 138lb
  4. Write all of my workouts beforehand
  5. Write 6 Week Challenge group workouts
  6. Post a food/nutrition thing

Going to get started now…

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