Tips for Meal Prep

Yesterday I managed to get through most of my To Do list that I wrote out on Friday. One of those things on my list was grocery shopping. So I did that and when I got home, I went straight into meal prep. And I did laundry at the same time…multitasking was not a challenge for this girl yesterday 😉
This week’s menu includes chicken, rice, and pineapple for lunch, and ground turkey with veggies for dinner. For mid-day foods, I have been doing a lot of Greek yogurt, mixed nuts, and fruit, and am hopefully going to switch it up a bit this week. This will only last me until Thursday, so later this week I am planning on making BBQ pulled chicken with Walden’s Farms Original BBQ sauce and steak with salad…yum yum.
For the chicken, I ended up broiling it with a Cabo Chipotle rub on it…tastes really good. I sautéed peppers and onions with the ground turkey and put a few seasonings on them to add a little flavor and combined with romaine lettuce.
A few tips when meal prepping:

  1. Put on music.
  2. When you get home from grocery shopping, do NOT put anything away!
  3. Take everything out of the shopping bags and place together based on the meals you are going to make – seeing it split up makes everything so much easier for me and I know where to begin.
  4. Cook whatever the carbohydrate is first (rice, pasta, etc.) – I usually do this because it typically will take longer to cook and it will go on the bottom of the container.
  5. Get pots/pans and stove ready to cook whatever meat you are cooking while you prep the meat with marinades or dry rubs.
  6. Set out all of your Tupperware and have your food scale ready!

With my meal prep, I started my water challenge yesterday as well…I’m trying to drink a gallon of water a day. Didn’t do too bad yesterday, but oh my god is it a lot of water. It also helps curb hunger…huge plus there now that foods/macros are slowly being taken away.
I’m not an expert on competition prep dieting…it’s my first one. And it’s been a learning process, which I’m happy to have the chance to be doing. I could have gone through a coach and I still could, but I want to do this for my self and gain the knowledge and understanding of this whole process. Dieting has definitely been the hardest part of this prep, and I know it’s going to get harder each week. But it’s a challenge that I am up for and excited to learn more…hopefully it will become less of a guessing game each week.
Happy Monday!

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