Starting Your Week Off Right

โ€œIf you fail to plan, you are planning to failโ€ โ€“ Benjamin Franklin
My college days are over and I no longer have class or clinical to fill my schedule. Now it’s just work, but that doesn’t really fill my entire day. Since school ended, I feel as if I am not quite as organized and I enter each week without a game plan. Without a game plan, nothing gets done.
So, something that I have been trying to keep up consistently is planning every week, over the weekend for what Monday-Friday is going to look like. I’ve found a few habits have helped me prepare for the upcoming week.
Tips & Tricks to a Successful Week:

  1. Plan out your meals & meal prep
  2. Sit down and make a To Do list for the week. Split it up by days and importance of each task
  3. Look at your calendar & weekly schedule. Update any appointments or work days. When I do this, I like to write out time frames of each thing, that way I can place things from my To Do list into areas of freedom. And this way I can avoid any conflicts in time (hopefully).
  4. Figure out the weeks priorities โ€“ exercise, work, whatever it may be ๐Ÿ˜Š
  5. Get your meals, snacks, clothing, bags, etc. ready for the next day! โ€“ I mean everything! Having everything ready for me when I get up and need to cook breakfast and take care of the fur babies makes the morning go so much smootherโ€ฆway less running around and I donโ€™t feel rushed or like Iโ€™m going to forget anything.
  6. Make a Goals list โ€“ for the day, week, month, or whatever you decide.
  7. Review last weeks To Doโ€™s and Goals, were they all hit? If not, add them to the upcoming week.

It doesnโ€™t take long to go through these stepsโ€ฆexcept meal prepping, that takes a bit. But it makes things so much easier throughout the week if you go in with a game plan. You can get way more done in a day and the week.
I try to stick to the above 7 as best as possible. Especially since being on prep. It keeps my mind at ease and saves everyone else around me from dealing with a hangry/stressed Mariah.
Happy Wednesday! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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