Week 8/8 Weeks Out Updates

I am now half way through my prep…where is the time going?! Scary thought, but super exciting too!
Last week was really busy with work and a bunch of changes happening, so I wasn’t able to get much cardio in. But I got a lot done during the week. I finally got my x-rays done for my back and will be finding out more information tomorrow morning (yay!). Finished a bunch of programming for work, started working with a new 12 Week Transformation client, etc. Overall a good week. Back to cardio though, I went in yesterday to get in a 40-minute LISS (low intensity steady state) and core session…now upping my cardio session times 🙁 and my Saturday workout was brutal with the assault bike >.< I don’t think I am ever going to enjoy cardio, but it must be done ha.
This week, I am planning on carb cycling. I plan to have high, medium, and low carb days and will cycle them around my hardest lift days. Below is what my meals look like this week, based on the high/med/low cycle. By switching to carb cycling, I am hoping that it will “shock” my body a bit and encourage some more weight and body fat loss. Saturday’s, I am giving myself a refeed…F*CK YEAH! This will hopefully help as well since refeeds are meant to be a carb loading day that help the body to recover and rejuvenate.
meal prep
Yesterday, I had a posing session with Devon and Sam😊. I am extremely grateful to have both of them helping me along my journey to the stage. When it comes to posing, I am fairly comfortable in my front/back pose. But the side poses had me a bit. Devon cleared up the mess that was my side pose, and now it actually looks closer to being stage ready. We also worked on the t-walk that I will be doing on show day…this is the thing that I am most nervous about. It is a 6-point walk with varying poses, some required some of my choice, which are meant to allow me to display my physique however I think will be best.
Goals this week:

  1. Stick to the meal plan! (this has been by far the hardest thing for me. Days/the week get away from me, and I may stray off of my plan a bit).
  2. Get all of my workouts in (lifts and cardio).
  3. Stop worrying about the future…focus on today.
  4. Meditate/journal every night (I think this will be good, especially with how crazy things have been).
  5. Work on my weekly To Do list.
  6. Drink a gallon of water every day!

End of January…lots of changes in the past month, but so far it’s been a great start to 2018 (:

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