Week 10/6 Weeks Out

35 days until show day!

Week 10 flew by, have no idea where it went to, but onto week 11! Finished week 2 of carb cycling and it went far better than last. My low carb days didn’t hit me quite as badly as they did the week before and I felt like I had a better handle on my diet overall. On Thursday, coming off of a low carb day, I had a huge amount of energy that I have no idea where it came from. Definitely not going to complain about that though, and I will gladly take more days like Thursday.
Progress pictures are a week late…oops. I feel really good about them, I’m still seeing changes which is good. I am far more comfortable with my posing now than I was even 3 weeks ago. Thank you, Devon… I kind of laugh when I look back at my week 1 pictures and see how off (horrible) my posing was >.< actually all of them were a bit off…
Week 10
With 5 weeks left of this prep, I am feeling really good about it. I’m planning on keeping my training the same for the next 2 weeks, with minimal changes in my cardio. This past week I introduced fasted cardio into my training, and am really only planning on doing it once or twice/week. I think doing more high intensity training is better for me because my body tends to respond better compared to steady state cardio. So, I am trying to only do 2 days of steady state and 3 days of HIIT styled cardio, combined with my weight training program.
Finished the week off with some rock climbing again and enjoying some Halo Top ice cream last night. Which I definitely paid for this morning during the horrible tabata workout Brian and I did…wall balls and kettlebell swings post leg day = HORRIBLE.
In the next week, I am planning on jeweling my suit…not doing anything extravagant. Just clean and simple. I’ll be posting my experience with this sometime next week 😊

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