Less Than a Month To Go…

Now 25 days out from my first Figure competition! Less than a month away and so much to do!
I finally registered for the OCB amateur membership…I’ve been registered for the Shamrock Cup Classic, and have my appointments for drug testing and tanning booked! I am ready to go!
I started jeweling my suit this past week, but haven’t finished it yet…so that is on my To Do list this week. I also need to figure out my training and diet for the last few weeks of prep.
Some updates on last week…
Week 5 flew by, workouts and diet went well. I decided to add a bit of cardio in. I’m doing 4 days of steady state and 2 days of interval training, along with my 4-5 days of lifting.
Over the weekend, I went to Jackson, NH and I hiked Doublehead. We stayed at the image000000_20180217_093717Doublehead cabin for the night with a great group of people…definitely a different experience for me and not something that I would have chosen to do on my own, but I’m really happy that I went. The following morning when we came off the mountain, we went to the Red Fox, where I ate more than I should have. But it was an awesome refeed after a week of training and adventure in the mountains.
The next few weeks, there will be very little room for mistakes. The meal I had at the Red Fox will most likely be my last refeed until show day. I have dropped calories again down to 1,500 with my macros sitting at: 120g carbs, 160g protein, and 45g fats. I’m still carb cycling so my carbs really range from 100g to 140g depending on the day. Up until now, I haven’t been overly hungry, but we’ll see how this calorie drop goes over the next week…

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