It’s so sparkly…
Before I even decided to compete, I knew that I wouldn’t buy a pre-jeweled suit. Mostly because of the cost, but also because I wanted to do the jeweling myself. Which I did. I had originally planned on making my entire suit from scratch, but I didn’t really have the time to do so. So, instead my parents bought my suit as an early birthday present. I decided on a plain dark blue suit and went to work putting rhinestones on it. Below is the suit plain, and then with the strap stoning I added.
When I started jeweling I thought it would be a good idea to pin everywhere…it helped to give me an idea of how to create the “burst” look. But I didn’t really follow exactly where the pins were. I kind of just starting placing them and expanding them further, which worked well.
This is it when I almost had the top entirely done.
I’m REALLY happy with how it came out. And I loved how it looked on 🙂
Not posting any pictures of me in it…ya’ll gotta wait until show day, sorry :p
I managed to get my suit done with my ass on the couch and Netflix on, binge watching Drop Dead Diva, and my suit pinned to a ball of yarn to keep shape. I placed each rhinestone, and shockingly didn’t f*ck up.
I’m impressed with myself and how it turned out, and excited to jewel more suits. Hopefully sometime soon, I will be able to a suit from beginning to end with the sewing machine that I have been sadly neglecting.
Yesterday, I started the bottoms, this time instead of yarn, they’re wrapped around a protein container (see it!, not exactly the shape of my butt, but it works)😊 and so far, I have the front done. I’m starting to run out of rhinestones…so hopefully I have enough to finish my suit (fingers crossed).
Switching gears a bit…below are physique updates from a few days ago. I’m not sure how I feel. One day, I feel great and look great, but then the next is the complete opposite…like today. I just feel gross and not stage ready. But it’s going to be a constant battle of that until show day. All I can do is continue to train and stick to my diet and hope it all comes together.

13 days out from the OCB Shamrock Cup Classic…it doesn’t seem real!

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