Show Day!

Show day has come and gone.
I meant to post a day before the show, but honestly didn’t have time. Last week was super busy with trying to get everything done before show day. So, posting now 😊
20180316_214619Before I get into show day shenanigans, let me tell you about this spray tan… I knew the tan was dark, I didn’t know how dark though and holy sh*t is it dark. First off, it takes forever to get spray tanned and then forever for it to dry. And it honestly sucked trying to sleep that night, had to starfish and sleep in a cold room to the point that I thought I was going to lose my toes. Second, trying to go to the bathroom and not mess this really expensive tan up…that was a challenge and not an enjoyable one. But the good thing is, if it got messed up I could get it touched up at the show.
I am incredibly grateful for the experience that I had on Saturday. I can’t thank Abbi, Devon, and all of my friends and family enough for being there and supporting me during my prep and on show day. It was a wonderful first show experience, especially since it was such a small show. I met a lot of great people and made a few new friends. I placed 3rd in the Novice class and 2nd in the Open class. I’m very pleased that I placed top 3 in my classes in my 1st show! 0317181245a_HDR_20180317_165626
0317181334b_20180317_165535Before the show started, we had an athlete meeting. One of the head judges had a lot of great things to say. One of them being that we had prepped for however many weeks, and that that was the true competition. And that whether you placed 1st or not, you must learn from it. I’m taking that to heart, a 15 week prep really is a competition against yourself, and when it comes to show day, all that matters is that you made it. And I’m taking the feedback that I was given from friends and judges, and using that to push myself to the next show.
Going into it, I wasn’t really nervous. My nerves didn’t kick in until I was on stage and going through my quarter turns. I didn’t think my legs and feet were going to work they were shaking so much haha. But I survived and the 2nd time I went on stage, I had a better handle on my feet. Next time, I need to breathe and relax. Not let my nerves take over like they did this time. I felt and still do feel really good about this show. I know I have places to work on and that’s what I plan to do before my next show.
Food…after the show, my parents and I went out to the Farm for some great food. I got a 20180317_154125giant burger that had pulled pork and cole slaw on top. I also ordered a Jack Frost…which contains rum meaning that I was carded, not once but 3 times in a matter of 5 minutes. And then was told that I wasn’t the person on the ID…are you f*cking kidding me? I know I’m like 5 shades darker than normal, but really? I don’t look that much different. But my parents and I explained that, yes, I was Mariah MacDowell and that I just did a bodybuilding show, hence the heavy makeup. So I got my drink and ate my burger and was so very happy.
20180318_134654Sunday, I had more food adventures. Breakfast at Tucker’s with my parents (banana nut french toast and a brie & bacon egg sandwich…heavenly), lunch with Marissa at the Roundabout Diner, then cookie dough, and then wings for dinner and ice cream pie that I’ve been waiting to eat since my birthday…I don’t feel great today >.<

Makeup & Suit!

Now it’s back to the drawing board for the next 4 weeks until the OCB Pine Tree State Championships…this is a far bigger show. The Shamrock cup was 37 people…total. The Pine Tree State has 200+ and is both amateur and pro, so it’s going to be a lot longer of a day. I know where to pick up from my training and where I need to go with it over the next 26 days. I’m excited to see what I can bring back to the stage in 4 weeks…and hope to maintain a top 3 placement in my classes 😊
I’m registered and my tan is booked…no backing out now :p
More photos soon…

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