Peak Week, Round 2

Peak Week

6 days out from the OCB Pine Tree State which means it’s peak week!

Going into the next 6 days I’m feeling really good. The past 2 weeks have been very stressful, but now things have settled, and I am giving my full attention to this show. When looking back to 4 weeks ago when I had started my 1st peak week, I felt good then, but I also had a lot of doubt. Now mentally I feel better and stronger – because I know what to expect on show day, especially the tan, waiting around, eating, etc. Physically, I also look and feel better – I’m looking a lot tighter and leaned out compared to my first show. Although I won’t be reaching the point of leanness that I would have liked, I will still be coming in looking better than last time. AND now I know what I need to do for my next prep…always learning something.

Start of Peak Week 1 vs. Peak Week 2

Yesterday, I was going through my suitcase of everything that I will be bringing to the show. And I was trying to figure out what foods to bring this time around. At the Shamrock Cup, I had eaten 2 meals of 4oz chicken, asparagus, and ½ cup of rice. I had my first meal right when I woke up and the other about 3 hours after. I had more of those meals packed, as well as rice cakes, dried fruit, honey, salt, and a few others. Prior to going on stage, I decided to have dried pineapple to fill me out…bad idea. I guess my body does not like that, it filled me out a bit too much making me look “watery”. I also noticed the other day when snacking on some dried fruit, it did the same thing, so Mariah’s body does not respond well to dried fruit .Another lesson learned…I’m thinking this time, I will probably stick to rice cakes and honey, but we’ll see what Devon has to say.
sundayhiitSaturday kicked off peak week, and also marked the last day of my normal lifting schedule. I hit fasted cardio before work, then got a quick ham/glute workout in, with my afternoon cardio later in the day. My body has been feeling pretty good, but all of the cardio is starting to take a toll on my legs. SO today, I decided that I was only going to do a fasted cardio session. And it was a killer, but once past the round of 6 reps it was a breeze. Then I stretched and foam rolled post-workout which was well overdue…
Something that I have been slacking on the past few weeks, along with stretching, is goal setting/planning. I haven’t had much direction the past week or 2, so on Thursday I started making daily To Do’s. In these lists, I plan out EVERYTHING. From the time I wake up, to my meals and training, to when I do certain tasks. Everything is on a time frame. This has helped me SO MUCH in the last few days. It’s been keeping me distracted which has kept me moving all day and away from the snacking. It also has made me feel like I am accomplishing something (because I am) and not wasting the day away. So goals for this week that will go with my To Do list…


  1. Drink 2 gallons of water a day
  2. Stick to the meal plan
  3. Keep myself busy – no watching TV/Netflix, no sitting on the couch
  4. Pack suitcase for show day
  5. Put everything into training this week
  6. Stay positive
  7. Don’t bite everyone’s head off
  8. Enjoy the final week of prep and show day!


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