2 Days Out

Hey guys!

So I am 2 days out from the OCB Pine Tree State Championships that will be happening this Saturday, April 14th. I am so excited that it’s finally here and that I decided to continue onto this show after the OCB Shamrock Cup Classic.

This week has been flying by, but also kind of dragging >.< All day yesterday I thought it was Thursday…but it was only Wednesday. I have so many things to do between now and tomorrow before heading to Maine, that I can’t even get a clear list of it all. I do know that I need to go through my bag again, meal prep, and pose a bit more before tomorrow night.

Right now, I am feeling really good about Saturday. I decided to take a different approach to this week with help from Devon again, who has been my 2nd eye to my diet and how my body has been looking.

Last peak week, in March, I did carb cycling —

  • Saturday – high carb (150g) + 1.5 gallon water
  • Sun-Tues – low (50g) + 2 gallons water
  • Wednesday – high carb (100-150g) + 2 gallons water
  • Thur-Fri – low (50g) + 1-1.5 gallon water
  • Show Day – carb up for show

This time around, we are playing a bit with sodium. As well as seeing how my body responds to certain carb sources. So this week has looked like…

  • Saturday – high carb (150g) + 1.5 gallon water
  • Sun-Mon – low (50g) + 2 gallons water + SALT EVERYTHING
  • Tuesday – high (100g) – no processed carbs + 2 gallons water + SALT EVERYTHING
  • Wed-Fri – low (<50g) – no processed + 1-2 gallons water + SALT EVERYTHING
  • Show Day – carb up for show…going to be different this time

So, I must say I love putting salt on literally everything, so that has been wonderful. 2 gallons of water a day has been far easier to do than last time, also wonderful even though I run to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

Devon and I decided to see how my body responded to white rice vs. sweet potato, that way we would know how to prepare for Saturday. Both rice and sweet potato filled me out, BUT the rice made me look a little more watery than we would have liked and the sweet potato did not…therefore sweet potato won.

Week 19 4.09.2
After Rice
Week 19 4.10.2
After Sweet Potato







You can really see the difference in how the 2 foods effected me when looking at my back and stomach. The rice caused me to puff out, but with the sweet potato I look filled out but not puffy.

2 more days to go. Yesterday was my last day of lift and PM cardio, and this morning was my last day of fasted cardio. Tomorrow I won’t do any lifting or cardio, I only plan to do a light posing session after work to nail down my routine and transitions. Then off to Maine I go for my spray tan and show Saturday. It’s going to be a looonnggg day Saturday, but I am so excited for it and for the food after!



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