Food: High School, College, and Now

High School, College, and Now:

What habits have changed since high school? — Many… but the one that is most noticeable to me is my eating habits.

High School

I didn’t have much of a diet in my early HS years… I didn’t really have a breakfast. I maybe had a bowl of cereal or oatmeal or a bagel. And occasionally a pancake if my dad offered. I’m pretty sure that’s how I went through my entire high school career.1382198_10200793311135084_1811853505_n

Lunch was not much better. I remember freshman year, I did not eat lunch a single day. I didn’t want to buy lunch because honestly, Wahconah’s lunches were horrid. Secondly, I was embarrased to brown bag it every day at school = no lunch for me. Sophomore year came around and I sucked it up. I started bringing my own lunch, usually a salad, PB&J or turkey sandwich, and some sort of tortilla chips. Still not the best most nutritious lunch, BUT it was a start. [Peep how small I am in this photo..and tan].

Then there was dinner and afternoon snacking. After school or volleyball and swim practice, the food in my parents house was in danger. I don’t think I’d stop eating from the time I got home until bed. And it was never anything too healthy. After swim meets, every time I stopped at Taco Bell for dinner. Looking back, I have no idea how I ate that.


10522573_374372679381604_7962130017450620490_nMy freshman year I had unlimited access to the dining halls because of the meal plans. I don’t want to say my diet was the best but it definitely wasn’t the worst. I ate breakfast every morning, and it was usually pretty well rounded — scrambled eggs/omelette, oatmeal, and something else. Occasionally when they would have the french toast or pancakes, I would grab a few. Where I really got into trouble was lunch and dinner…typically loaded up and grabbed a cookie or brownie on my way out as well. Oh and as stated in the picture, “Fatass Friday”…yeah Ellen and I maybe did 2 or 3 run by’s of the dessert bar in the dining hall.

Sophomore through senior year I had an apartment, so I cooked a lot for myself…diet began to improve slightly with each year. I still ate on campus every once in a while, but it was never anything crazy. My biggest problem was Ben & Jerry’s and pop tarts. Over the years though, my eating habits definitely improved. I got into meal prepping, although not totally crazy serious about it, at least not at that moment.


20180414_134138Fast forward to now and the decision I made 5 months ago to compete in a bodybuilding competition. I am FAR more aware of what I put into my body. Having done a 20-week prep and cutting out A LOT of foods that I was used to (like Ben & Jerry’s and pop tarts, protein bars, bread, etc.), has changed the way I look at food. When I go grocery stores, chips, ice cream, any snack foods don’t tempt me the way that they used to. Yes sometimes I will buy something that I shouldn’ frosting. But it’s not an everyday/weekly habit like it used to be. Eating out has changed as well, I’m way more conscious of what I order and how it will effect my body later. My body definitely does not like some foods the way it used to and that is fine by me.

I’m still working on making my way back to my set diet plan post show…taking me a bit. But for the most part I’ve been sticking to my 5-6 meals a day, eating the meals that I prepped for the week, and eating out maybe once or twice a week. My biggest challenge right now is the food that is in my house that shouldn’t be, a.k.a. bread, cocoa krispies, ice cream. They will soon be gone and focused I will be.

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