10 Week Challenge

10 Week Challenge: Week 7 Wrap Up

2 Phases down, 1 more to go!

The last week of this phase was definitely interesting. I maintained my normal schedule of lifting and doing cardio early in the morning. At the beginning of the week I was hoping to shift my workouts to mid-morning, but my schedule just wasn’t going to allow that last week. After traveling over Labor Day weekend and spending about 10 hours total in the car over a 3-day period, my body felt like shit…so luckily Monday I had a massage.

20180905_092905Unfortunately, a wrench was thrown into the mix on Wednesday morning. On my way to work, I was rear-ended, such a fantastic way to start my day! Luckily for me, I only had a tiny bit of whiplash and a palpable but not visible bruise above my right eye. My car though, not so lucky.💔

Thursday morning, I was back in the gym – no car accident is going to stop me haha…I’m pretty sure the police/firemen and everyone else thought that I lived out of my car based on the number of bags that I had sitting outside of it post-accident. 😂 Sad day…loved that car and was really hoping to have it more than 2 years >.<


Pushed myself more this week, felt really good, minus being tired. I’m starting to dread cardio and today (Monday), I started 45-minute cardio sessions, 6 days a week, which can be interval style or steady state. And I have optional 30-minute HIIT cardio in the afternoon…YAY! 😭

I’m seeing change in my upper body. Delts are popping out a bit more, stomach leaning out, back is starting to lean out slowly…Lower body is still taking its sweet ass time. But I’m seeing changes, they just aren’t as drastic as I would like them to be. A goal I’m setting for April 2019 (when I plan to compete again), is having a visible ham/glute tie in, because I didn’t have that last year and I want pumpkin delts…like Dana Linn Bailey and Sarah Bowmar. Definitely achievable goals and ones that I am going to achieve.


It was my last week of being at 1,780 calories. Last week of 165g carbs…Still been pretty full throughout the day with this meal plan. I’ve been spacing meals out about 3-4 hours depending on the day, my schedule, and when I’m able to eat.

This week, I made something new, that wasn’t on the diet plan but fits into my macros. I made an eggplant and red pepper sauté. I diced up 2 eggplants, 3 red peppers, and was planning on diced tomatoes and onions too but forgot to buy them…so just threw some sea salt, onion and garlic powder and Italian seasoning on. Threw it in a pan and cooked. Really good and nice side to Italian seasoned chicken. (5 servings: 91cal, 15g carb, 3g fat, 2g protein)

Week 7 Menu:

  • Meal 1: ½ c egg whites, 2 eggs, 45g oats w/ cinnamon, Walden Farms SF blueberry syrup [OR] ¾ c egg whites, 2 slice turkey bacon, 14g low-fat cheese, low carb tortilla wrap, 14g cheerios
  • Meal 2: 1tbsp peanut butter, 30g oats, ½ scoop protein powder
  • Meal 3: 4oz 93% ground turkey, 125g wild rice, 2oz avocado OR 15 almonds
  • Meal 4: 6oz nonfat Greek yogurt, 8g chia seeds, 100g fruit, 1tbsp almond butter
  • Meal 5: 4oz chicken, 80g eggplant/red pepper sauté
  • Post-workout: 1½ scoop REL protein powder, 2 rice cakes, 36g blackberry jelly

IMG_20180910_153606_799Cheat Meal

Yesterday, Sunday = end of week 7, day 49 of the challenge which meant it was another CHEAT MEAL! I decided on where I was going to cheat sometime during week 6, wasn’t excited or anything. I chose Hop + Grind in Durham, NH. I had only been once before, and it was damn good. So, that’s where I went. And I got their Morning Glory burger which consists of a beef patty, egg, hash brown, and some amazing sauce/cheese thing. I also ordered their Truffle Shuffle fries…AMAZING but was disappointed in the small amount of fries they gave me, as you can see to your right…not many fries…

20180908_155757So as mentioned in my last post, I have had activities that have been filling my weekends and keeping me busy. To wrap up week 7, I did 2 things…

1) helped with the Limitless renovation – great day with the owners and other coaches, great team bonding time. There used to be a wall where everyone is kneeling down…And now there’s an awesome 24′ rig!

2) did a photoshoot with Pedro Blanco Photography– really long but fun day. Most definitely something that was out of my comfort zone, but I’m extremely happy that I went through with it. My goal behind doing a photoshoot was to have professional pictures for business purposes – cards, website, etc. More on that to come in the next few weeks…

21 days left on the challenge. I can’t believe how fast the last 7 weeks have gone by! The next 3 are (hopefully) going to go by just as fast!

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