10 Week Challenge

10 Week Challenge: Week 8

Week 8 is coming to a close! And what a crazy week it has been…

New position at work, car search, my dad visiting, keeping up with clients, adding clients…lots of things!

On top of training at Limitless, I am now taking on the responsibility of their Administrative Assistant, which I am super excited about. When I started there I was really looking into getting into a position where I had a good split of personal training and management responsibilities. And they have now granted me with both! Lots of changes are happening, so learning a lot really freaking quickly.

Friday my dad came up to visit from Western Mass for the purpose of finding a new car since mine was totaled. We spent all day Friday driving around the eastern part of MA with very little luck…Luckily though, my mom was searching cars and found the perfect one in Newmarket, NH! So…I now have a car and am picking it up tomorrow!


This week was the start of the final phase of the 10 Week Challenge. And it flew by. The training schedule is split up by body part again and is 6 days/week. It’s as follows:

  • MON – Shoulders/Abs + 45min cardio
  • TUES – Back/Abs + 45min cardio, 30min SS cardio
  • WED – Legs + 45min cardio
  • THUR – Chest/Arms + 45min cardio, 30min SS cardio
  • FRI – Shoulders/Abs + 45min cardio, 30min SS cardio
  • SAT – Legs (ham/glute) + 45min cardio
  • SUN – off

I really like having my lifts separated by body part, I feel like I am able to accomplish way more throughout the week. Shockingly not hating on the 45min cardio sessions yet. I’ve found a new show on Netflix (Arrow) that is wonderful and keeps me distracted the entire time.

Saturday, I did the Thunder Run (5k version of a Tough Mudder) in Epping with the Limitless Fitness team…I really didn’t want to do it. But it was a lot of fun and my dad was there for it which was great. And today, I did an AMRAP…see below. I definitely had a solid week of workouts.IMG_20180916_191349_122


I think I did something really similar to last week…just with lower carbs and increased protein. I’m down to 1,520 calories and 110g carbs, and I’m starting to notice some hunger between meals but nothing too bad. To avoid snacking I usually pop a piece of gum or drink a lot of water and add some sort of flavor to my water.

So with my dad up this weekend, we were in MA from 10am through 7pm on Friday. I brought food with me, but really only as much as I thought I’d need because I really didn’t think we’d be out searching for that long… I ended up eating out at restaurants twice. I tried to keep it as clean as possible – the 1st place we went to I got a salad with grilled chicken and for dinner we went to Qdoba and I got a burrito bowl with grilled chicken, beans, rice, blah blah. Kind of messed up yesterday and got a turkey club sandwich for lunch after the Thunder Run, but I hadn’t had much before the race and only had a protein shake, almonds, and a banana after the race. And didn’t end up eating again until 2pm for lunch. From then I didn’t eat anything until dinner so my macros matched up in the end.

Only 2 weeks left of the challenge and I am so excited. It’s been flying by! and hasn’t been absolutely miserable. I’m currently in the works of writing up a reverse diet plan that way I don’t rebound the same way I did post show. It will be a little tough since the week after the end of the challenge I will be in Washington state for 5 days visiting my best friend from back home. So we will see how that goes…

Oh, also will be doing a post on the photoshoot soon…will update within the next week.

My Family 🙂
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