10 Week Challenge

10 Week Challenge: Finale!

The Challenge is over!

I submitted my final photos and measurements last night = officially done.

Looking back on the past 10 weeks, I am very happy that I decided to take part in this challenge. When I chose to join the challenge, it wasn’t because of the idea of winning 1st or 2nd place and getting a photoshoot with Nicole Wilkin’s or winning $1,500 (even though both would be nice). Rather I did it for myself, to push myself – mentally and physically, and to prepare and motivate myself for April 2019 when I’ll be competing again. It most definitely got my ass in gear and my mind thinking and planning my prep.

The Final Week

It was tough. Sitting at a little over 100g carbs for 3 weeks was not fun. Having a 60g carb drop was not ideal and I most definitely felt its effects. Being low carb and adding in 45 minutes of interval cardio, plus PM sessions, I was tired, and my legs hated me. But I did it, it’s done, and I’m very happy with the results.

I went about the week as normal, doing my scheduled lifts and the 45 minutes of cardio following. I only did 1 day of the 30-minute PM cardio and decided to not do more throughout the week because it wasn’t going to make a huge difference and I really didn’t want to sacrifice my legs much more. Starting the week, I went in for a shoulder lift and noticed I was very flat, muscles were completely deflated from the lack of carbs. It was sad to see but I only had a few days left and I knew they’d be back.


20180929_112528I didn’t to anything too much different than the 2 weeks prior. The only thing I changed was my dinner. For some reason I was really craving salads this past week, so I had salad with 5oz chicken, 2tbsp chopped walnuts, and the Skinny Girl sugar-free raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Friday after taking my final pictures, I had my normal first 3 meals. But then from there had dinner out and may have had some Reese’s s’mores and a bunch of other things…Saturday was even worse with French crullers and almond croissants and then the grocery store happened. But we won’t talk about that…


Ended the challenge with a surprise getaway at this really cute and interesting tiny house. 1. There was a giant spider on the outside that we didn’t think was real…well it was. AND there was another spider by the fire that was unreal but real…2. All of the electrical wiring was on the outside oft the cabin, which was different. For where it was, it had running water, there was a mini stove/oven, wood stove, and more inside. SO much packed into one little place. It was a perfect little spot to get away from the world and a great way to end a challenge.20180929_085519


Experienced my first Reese’s s’more, and had some yummy pancakes with more Reese’s in the AM and then the above bakery items…definitely hit my sweet tooth cravings this weekend.


Final Results

At the start of the challenge I was 148lb and 18.7% body fat. End of week 10, I weighed in at 138lb and 14.3% body fat. I’m pretty freaking happy with that…10lb down in 10 weeks and 4.4% body fat gone. Seeing those numbers and that they were accomplished in 10 weeks makes me VERY excited and curious for my next competition prep. If I can hit those numbers in 10 weeks, where can I get in 16, 18, or 20 weeks?!

I hate my before pictures. But it is what it is. Quite happy with the after pictures.

Before starting this challenge, I really debated competing in late October/early November and using the 10-week challenge as the beginning of my prep. Ultimately, I decided against competing this fall. Mostly because I wanted to try to save money, but I also booked a trip to Washington state to see my hometown best friend, which would be hard to do while on prep. So I used the challenge as said above, as a mini-cut to get myself back into the mindset for competing and help me discover new goals for myself and the next competitive season.

The challenge has taught me a lot. And what I’ve gained over the last 10 weeks I am most definitely applying to my competition prep when I begin in January. I’ve worked out a reverse diet plan and am most definitely utilizing it because I do not want to mess with the progress that I’ve made and completely rebound like I did post-show.

Time to reverse out and start building again.

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