Rebound Weekend

It has been 2 weeks since the end of the 10 Week Challenge. And I did not stick to my plan…

I had a reverse diet plan written up ready to go for the Monday following the end of the challenge. And I will say, I did stick to that 1st weeks meal plan pretty well. But I did have wine like every night, had Ben & Jerry’s, binged on Ritz crackers, and a few other things. Monday through Thursday, I did decently well, sticking to the plan throughout the day and snacked a bit when I got home.

This past weekend, I went on a mini vacation and that’s where everything fell apart. For those of you that know me, I don’t travel very often. And if I do it’s to Western Mass or to Lake Placid, NY to see my family. I don’t usually go out of the New England area…but at 22 years old, I finally made my way off of the East coast.

I was REALLY good on the drive to the airport and while at the airport. I had packed snacks – crackers, beef jerky, trail mix — all portioned out, some protein bars, and then brought 2 meals with me that I didn’t want to go bad. SO, I couldn’t give myself any excuses to buy food while waiting for my flight…although I did buy a coffee and came very close to getting a donut.


Thursday was good. Friday through Sunday were a completely different story once I made it to Washington after a 6 hour flight filled with 3 movies and a mini nap. Friday was our day in Seattle.


While in Seattle, we explored Pike Place. Stopped by the 1st Starbucks location, grabbed a pastry down the street and walked around the market and hung out before heading to dinner. We bar hopped a bit, went to Capital Hill to Unicorn…very interesting circus themed bar. And then waited in line for 30+ minutes for some pretty good pizza. So Day 1 – lots of beer/cider, 1 pastry, 2 slices of pizza, chicken wings, + sweet potato fries…


Saturday we went to Olympic National Park. Absolutely beautiful. We walked around on some of the trails and eventually drove back down to hang out in Port Angeles for a bit.

Olympic National Park

Super cute town that happened to be having a crab festival that day. We explored the center of town, going shop to shop. Stopped at a coffee shop, because Blaise and I are both coffee addicts. That coffee shop had a coffee milk shake, so that happened. Then there was a candy store…I bought fudge…one was a s’mores-like thing and the other was pumpkin pie (basic, I know but it’s that season so…๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ).ย Day 2 – lots of coffee, chips, milkshake, fudge/candy, Indian for dinner…I feel like there was more.

Sunday, my last day in WA. We had a low-key day. 20181007_103406We went out to breakfast/brunch at the Oak Table which every had good things to say about…and all were true. I had a giant French omelette (so f*cking good) which came with 3 pancakes. I out ate mi amigo…who is 1) a guy, 2) 6’1 and I’m 1) a girl, 2) 5’4….I’m never letting him live that one down. Oh, and we also had these giant Mocha coffee things that came with a very large amount of whipped cream.

Following our giant breakfast, we went to Poulsbo, WA. ADORABLE town. The 1st store we walked into was an antique shop — if I didn’t need to fly home, I would have bought the entire store. IMG_20181011_132211_343It had everything that I want in my future home — old country style things…but I walked out with some quotes on cards. Which I plan to frame and put somewhere around my apartment since apparently my apartment looks like a “dude’s apartment”ย ๐Ÿ™„ย so girl-ify I will do.ย Anyway, Poulsbo also had an awesome bakery. Where I talked myself into getting (like it was that hard to do) an almond croissant thingy, pumpkin donut (being basic again), and an eclair.ย Day 3 – giant French omelette, 3 pancakes, 1 giant mocha thing + mimosa, 3 pastries, and a Hawaiian place for dinner…

Clearly, my diet went out the window while on the West Coast. I had planned on maintaining a decent diet while in WA, but it was a bit hard since we ate out every day and for every meal. And I know I could have avoided the bakery items, but I made the choice not to so there’s that. Food and all, it was a great weekend seeing one of my long-time best friends and a perfect excuse to get away and visit the West Coast.

Since being back, I have gotten myself back onto my diet plan and drinking 1 gallon of water a day, something that I didn’t do while away (probably drank like 24oz each day…). I wasn’t a fan of how I felt eating everything that I did over the weekend and I was extremely unhappy with how my body looked. Especially because it changed so quickly post-challenge.

What I learned…

  • Be prepared – bring food — best way to stay on track is to bring your own food and have it pre-portioned. Even if it’s just snacks, you’ll have them throughout the day to keep you from being super hungry and then totally overeating at the bigger meals.
  • Research – look into food/restaurants that are in the area that you’re visiting. Have an idea of what places offer and pick out possible options that won’t completely derail your progress.
  • Just say no – seriously. just say no.ย ๐Ÿ™…ย to the pint of ice cream, the bakery and candy shop filled with beautiful pastries, the drinks, everything…you’ll thank yourself later.

I refuse to step on the scale and I decided that I’m going to continue to reverse diet, start where I left off and finish out the plan I wrote, that way I don’t completely f*ck myself over and it’ll force me to get back in control. It’s been 4 days since my mini vacation, and I’m starting to look and feel normal again. I’ve brought back my gallon of water, I’ve been sticking to my meal plan and not feeling/looking as puffy as I did on Monday.๐Ÿ˜ณ

I have 6 weeks to “bulk” and focus on areas that I feel need to grow. The week following Thanksgiving, I am planning on beginning prep, but it will most likely be a soft start — more on that to come.


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