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Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019!

Yesterday, I left my parents house in Western Mass to head back to New Hampshire, which gave me a good 4 hours to reflect on this past year. Throughout this month, I have been doing a lot of reflection on 2018 because of the journals that I talked about in a previous post (see here), and because the year is coming to a close in just 5 days.

In my drive back it led me to what I know and what I do not know going into 2019. This knowledge is humbling and scary at the same time.

The things that I do know are…

I have the best support team that I could ever ask for

  • The MacDowells
    • my crew since day 1. I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am today without them
  • My Partner in Crime + his furry sidekick
    • He pushes me, believes in me, puts up with my hangry ass while on prep. He’s made me want to be a better person every day, he’s my best friend.
  • My Limitless Family
    • These are my people. I may not see them or talk to them every day, but I know that they are on my team, that we support each other, and celebrate with each other. I couldn’t have asked for a better team of people to work with.
  • My clients
    • They may pay me to torture them in the gym, but they are so much more to me than clients, they are my friends and a part of my fitness family. I’m so incredibly grateful for the relationships that I have been able to build with them and for the chance to watch them grow and reach their goals over the last year.

This has been my biggest year of self growth

  • I have learned so many things about myself this year
    • I enjoy spending time by myself — I’ve learned more about the things that I love to do; training, crocheting/sewing, writing, and so much more.
    • I have a limit & I can’t do it all — there’s only so much that I can take on at once and be able to function properly.
    • Chaotic things — definitely not for me. It’s okay here and there but if I can get a consistent routine down, I am so much more happy.
    • I have more strength and will power than I ever thought.
  • I have gained confidence in myself
    • There may be times where I still question myself, but I trust myself more than I have in the past.
    • This has helped me to discover what I want in life, my relationships, and career.
    • It has helped me with personal training — my relationships with my current clients as well as building my clientele.
  • I’ve learned how to respond to life and the situations it throws at me
    • My reactions have changed…a lot and because of that, I’m happier in my day to day life.
    • I no longer react, at least not in the same way I used to. I take the time to process situations, rather than getting upset/angry/getting my hopes up too quickly/etc.
    • I’ve stopped worrying about the things that I have no control over. I rather put my energy into things that I can control, like my diet and training, my clients, etc.

I have big plans in the works

  • Plans for MariahLyn Fitness
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Fitness Programs & Promotions
  • Competition season coming up…I want my Pro card!
  • Considering moving in 8 months to a year

What I don’t know going into 2019:

  • Where I will be in 6 months or a year from now.
    • I could be at the same gym(s), in the same apartment & town/state or I could be in a completely different state with a different gym/job, etc.
  • Where my career will take me
    • Same gym? My own gym? Online training?
    • Personal training? Team training? Who knows!

Last year, not knowing any of the above would have driven me crazy. This year though, I kind of like it.

I invite you to take the time to reflect on this year and what you know and don’t know as we step into 2019.

Overall, how do you feel about this past year?
What are you most proud of this year?

Leave a comment or message me, I’m interested in everything you have to say!

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