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Prep: Current Thoughts

Today, there are 16 days until the OCB Pine Tree State Champs…am I ready? At this moment, scrolling through my progress photos, I don’t feel ready. And after this past weekend not going quite as I had hoped, I’ve been battling with the thought of pulling out of the Pine. I had the same thoughts last year…

“Do I really want to keep pushing on with this diet for another 3 weeks?”
“Why am I doing this to my body…?”
“I’m not coming in as lean as I want to…I don’t want to step on stage looking the same as last year”
“If I back out now, I only lose the money for registration versus all of it…”

But I know if I quit now, this close to the show I will regret it. And I will have not quit for the right reasons. I’ve already come this far into it, so really what’s another 16 days?

This past weekend, I competed in Vermont at the INBF Green Mountain Thaw. It wasn’t on my original plan but I decided to throw it in there for 2 reasons: 1. I had never competed in INBF and wanted to test it out, 2. it would be a good warm up for the Pine 3 weeks later. Sunday, I left that competition not feeling too hot about myself after not placing in my class and about the organization in general. For myself, I knew and I know that I still need to lean out a bit. As for the show/organization, I wasn’t a fan of how they ran it at all. And mostly I do not like that they allow crossovers between divisions.

What does division crossovers mean?
It means that a competitor could enter into Ms. Fitbody, Figure, Bikini, or Women’s Physique all in the same competition. They can not enter into more than 1 class of the same division though (classes = Novice, Open, Masters, etc.), so I only competed in the Figure Open class. Whereas there were competitors who competed in Ms. Fitbody, Figure, AND Bikini…I stood on stage next to bikini girls whose judging criteria is so incredibly different! So how do you judge that properly?

โฌ‡Check out the judging criteria for the classes belowโฌ‡
INBF Judging Criteria
OCB Judging Criteria

The OCB (the organization that runs the Pine Tree) only allows you to compete in ONE division per show but you can enter into multiple classes such as Novice, Open, Masters 40+, etc. if you meet the requirements for those classes (to me this makes more sense, but what do I know๐Ÿ™„).ย 

Anyway, rant on the INBF is over. Initially after the show on Sunday, I was upset about the way things played out, but it’s not worth crying over when that show wasn’t my main focus. From the start of prep, the Pine has been my #1 goal and still is.

Tuesday I was looking into a few shows that follow the Pine at the end of April and into early May, somewhat debating whether I should continue on for another couple of weeks to see if I can get my body to where I want it to be. But thank you to my wonderful friends and myself (when I’m thinking clearly ๐Ÿ˜), I think I will be done with competing after the Pine for a bit of time. I’ve been in prep mode for more than 18 weeks and at this point my body needs to get back to a normal state. Considering last years prep and how hard I rebounded coming out of that, having a 10 week break and then diving into another 10 week cut, which was followed a trip to Seattle, WA and absolutely no attention was paid to my diet. A lot of yo-yoing so I think at this point my metabolism needs a complete reset and one lasting 3+ months…

I don’t plan to rebound like I did last year (ha we’ll see), but I’m hoping the fact that summer is coming and my brother’s wedding is in June will keep me in check. Already bought my dress and it kind of fits perfectly right now so really I can’t add bad weight back… But also, being on prep, I don’t crave shit food as much anymore. Yes there are days that I want donuts and burgers and pizza, but I can live without them, I can make them at home, and I really don’t want to spend money eating out all the time, gets expensive (poor girl with no life problems).

Reflecting on Sunday’s show, I haven’t changed too much in my training but at the same time I have. Prior to the Thaw, I was doing 30-40 minutes of HIIT/interval cardio following my weight training and then do 30 minutes of steady state (SS) in the evening. I’ve decided to switch that up, so now I’m performing 40 minutes of fasted SS cardio (easy to crawl downstairs to my office and hop onto the spin bike at 4:30/5am) + lift mid-late morning or in the afternoon with another 30-40 minutes of HIIT/INT cardio following. I actually like this set up a lot more. For diet, eating a ton of veggies and chicken…Today was a ‘high’ carb day and I’m only planning 1 more before the show. Low carb days are about 50g of carbs at the moment and most of that is coming from vegetables, except for some oats or sweet potato following my workouts.
This past show, I did a carb up 2 days prior…should not have done so. I’m not as lean as I would like to be so for the next, I am not planning to carb up until the day of the show and even then I don’t think I will need that much. But I will continue to monitor and see how my body composition changes over the next 16 days.

Final Thoughts: No matter how the Pine Tree goes (goal is to place top 3, win my Open class), I have to remember that in the end, it’s about the experience. The work and commitment that I have put in over the last few months and what I have learned and gained from it. The connections and friendships that I make with other competitors and all. However it goes, I’ll be proud of myself for committing and pushing through to the end.

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