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Mini Health Scare

So my kidneys were in hyper drive and I didn’t know it. Or at least that’s what my blood test results said. At 23, that is apparently very alarming to a doctor…so met with my primary care physician to discuss why my creatinine (compound produced by metabolism of creatine) and BUN (amount of urea nitrogen found in the blood) levels were elevated, and both can point to kidney disease. My dr. and I both looked at each other like ‘what? how?’ considering that I’m young and live a healthy life. So we chalked it up to be my protein intake. I was taking in around 170g of protein per day at the time coming off of competition prep.

The RDI of protein is 0.8g per lb of bodyweight…at the time that I had the 1st blood test done I was roughly around 136lb and taking in about 1.3g per lb, which isn’t unusual for someone who is in the bodybuilding world. But I guess my kidneys didn’t like that. So now sitting at a whopping 157lb and having dropped down to about 140g per day, my BUN and creatinine levels are back to normal! Not a huge drop but it definitely made a difference as my blood tests came back normal a few weeks ago, yay!

With cutting down on overall protein intake, I’ve cut out protein powders for the most part, I really only use them 2-3x a month. I had no issue cutting powders out as I would much rather get my protein from a more authentic and unprocessed source. I’ve also taken out creatine and l-arginine supplements and I think I had something else in there but now can’t remember so clearly not missing it.

Takeaway Lesson: More is not always better…

Training + Diet Changes

It works really well for me for many reasons. I like to train fasted — when I worked out at 5am, I was always fasted and felt great. This last prep, I trained after having 1 or 2 meals already and I did not like it at all. I actually felt lethargic and just didn’t have many good lifting days. So fasting until 12pm is wonderful for me when it comes to training fasted and it just works well with my daily schedule overall. Some things I’ve learned since starting fasting almost 6 months ago…

  1. I don’t need to have 4-5 meals per day…that’s a lot to squish into an 8 hour time frame. 
  2. I can definitely go longer than 12 hours without food. I’ve done a few 24 hour fasts and loved them. 
  3. I actually enjoy cooking and preparing meals each day. I recently started cooking dinner every night and it is so much more satisfying than coming home from work and grabbing a container of pre-cooked food. 

I used to write a different workout each day, every week. I never stuck actually wrote myself a program that I would follow for 3-4 weeks at a time. Recently, I think since maybe July I changed that. I’ve been writing workouts for my training split and following those workouts for 4 weeks at a time, with some adjustments in reps/sets/intensity/percentages/etc. and I must say…that amount of growth I have seen since starting this has been awesome

2 years difference...20lb difference with muscle & fluff

Fall Travel Plans

I have friends (it’s a shock, I know) and 2 of them are currently living down south, so this bitch is going to see them!

In 2 weeks I will be flying to Norfolk, VA to visit one of my childhood best friends! I went to Seattle, WA last fall to visit him as well. So I’m super excited for this trip since I’ve never been to Virginia…actually that’s a lie. I went to D.C. in 8th grade but I don’t really want to count that. 

Then in November, on another quick 4 day trip I will be checking out Asheville, North Carolina visiting my old roommate. I’ve also never been to NC but have kind of always wanted to check it out. Food places have already been mapped out, so uh RIP to my diet for those 4 days.

And as always to wrap up the year, I will be traveling to Lake Placid, NY to visit my brother and his family. Then to my hometown in Western MA for Christmas. 

#1 Question That I've Been Getting

When are you competing again?!

I think I’ve been getting this question every day for the last month.
My answer: No f*cking clue.

I have no shows in mind. I might have a year in mind…2021, but I do not plan to compete any time before then. I want to allow my body and mind to recover. I want to build. I want to enjoy my 20’s because 2 years in a row of missing out on events with friends due to food or having no energy is not enjoyable. I don’t want to put my life and my friends/family on hold just because I want to throw my entire being into stepping on stage. Nope nope.

No shows until at least 2021. I will continue to train as if I am preparing for one in the future, I will continue to practice my posing and eating at least 85% well each week. But I’m going to enjoy my time. And who knows, that time may come and I may not want to compete, and that will totally be okay with me.

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