Do It For Yourself

Think about this for a minute…

Are you:

a) Doing What You Want To Do

The things that spark your motivation and happiness.
The things that point you on the path towards your goals.


b) Doing What Others Are Expecting of You?

  • If you answered YES to a, then you are on the right track!
  • If you answered YES to b, then it may be time to do a little reflecting on what you want and if you what you are currently doing is serving you properly.

I believe we’re brought up with it ingrained in our minds that we need to serve others, to do what society demands, to seek approval from outside sources. But the truth is, we should only be seeking approval from ourselves. 

I used to fall into that mindset, always trying to prove myself to those around me. Prove that I was normal, that I was capable, that I worthy of whatever was deemed the acceptable. 


Note to Self_
Let’s go back to my initial question:
Are you doing what you want to do or what is expected of you?
Ask yourself:
Will doing _____ make me happy?
Who am I doing it for?
Will it lead me to where I want to go? 

Have the courage and be honest with yourself. Be honest with others about what you want.

Say no to anything and anyone that prevents you from being yourself.
Say no to what doesn’t align with your goals and values. 

There will always be situations that you’ll be investing your time and energy into something/someone else, but acknowledge that it’s for them and that you are choosing to participate. Understand that they may not appreciate what you’re doing for them, but appreciate yourself for the actions that you are taking.

Stop doing things just for the image/reputation that you think it will create for you. Do what you want, and do it because it will bring you happiness and satisfaction…leading to a true reflection and positive image of you.

With less than 2 months left of 2019, I’m focusing on me. And that means…

I am going to:

Be consistent.
build a routine to get my day started and to end my day
& make it so consistent that when shit hits the fan, it doesn’t fall apart

Schedule the things that I want to do.
gym time, reading/relaxing, working on a new competition suit, etc.

time into my goals and creating a plan/steps to achieve them


What I’m letting go of:
myself to others & expectations.
I should compare myself to myself and the expectations that I set.

Toxic people.
sorry, not sorry.
not wasting my time or precious energy on your drama and BS,
bye bye!

expect less of others = less disappointment

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