New Month. New Goals.

December is here! Where has this year gone?! I can’t believe that there’s only a month left of 2019. So much has happened throughout this year and I’m excited to have a strong finish to 2019. 

Seeing that it’s a new month, I want to put my December goals out there. I’ve always had a habit of writing goals, but recently I have been putting a bit more focus into them and defining those goals more. Doing so has allowed me to target where I want to be and what steps I need to take in order to get there. By writing them out and writing them on multiple things, they become a larger focus for me because they are in my face constantly, rather than just swirling around in my head all the time. I have them written on a whiteboard that hangs on my refrigerator, they’re in a notebook, now on this blog, and also in my phone. I have a pretty good reminder of what my goals are each day to help me stay on track and actually reach those goals. 

So to continue to keep myself accountable towards my goals, I’ve written them out again along with my plan for this 1st week of December and what my plan of action is to start checking them off my list. 

December 2019 Goals

Business Goals

For the Month

  1. Website
    • Review main pages – dislike anything? unnecessary pieces?
    • Update website based on notes from review
  2. Blog
    • Create a content calendar for the next 6 months — at least a very rough idea of what I’d like to focus on 
    • Post 1-2x per month
      • Themes(?) – monthly goals, training/nutrition, lifestyle…
  3. Newsletter
    • Create a content calendar…rough outline for next 6 months
    • Gather recipes and workouts to include
    • How to promote newsletter more + increase open rate
  4. Clients
    • Gain 1-2 clients either online or in-person
    • Increase social media outreach…PoA to do so (?)
    • Hold nutrition class at DALC

For the Week

For the 1st week of December I am planning to:

  • Post a blog…this one’s it!
  • Write the December Newsletter that will be going out on Thursday (12/5)
    • Decide on a recipe to include in the newsletter
  • Email the Dover Adult Learning Center (DALC) about the process to teach a class
    • What steps do I need to take to run a class through DALC?
    • How much to offer class? How much for participants? How many participants can sign up? What dates/times are available for the spring?
    • Is there a way to reach out to the class participants before the class runs?
  • Review current pricing for online coaching. Establish new structure and contact current clients to inform of the update.

Personal Goals

For the Month

  1. Sewing
    • New duvet cover for my bed
    • Boat cover for my brother
  2. Christmas Gifts
    • Cards + shop for gifts for family/friends
  3. Home Loans
    • Meet with a lender to discuss options
    • Establish an idea of where I need to be financially for when I start looking at houses (Spring/Summer 2020)
  4. Being Intentional
    • Have a reason for why you’re doing whatever it is. Don’t do something just because…have a WHY
  5. Nighttime Routine
    • I struggle with locking down a  consistent routine at night. I’m going to make it an unbreakable habit. 
  6. Be Open with Myself
    • Write/talk everything out…with myself or someone who I can bounce ideas off of unbiased.

For the Week

For the 1st week, I plan to…

  • Schedule out time to focus on sewing
    • Try to hit 3 hours this week
    • Create a pattern for boat cover
  • Brainstorm gift ideas for family + buy cards 
    • Establish $ limit/person
  • Research home loan options
    • Look at various lenders, decide on top 3
  • Turn off laptop by 6pm, no TV after 6pm
    • Go through evening routine…dishes, cooking, next day prep, etc. 
  • Write down or create voice memos of whatever I feel necessary…especially ideas/thoughts/opinions on things concerning my business, my current goals and the direction I want to go, decisions that need to be made, etc. 
    • Be conscious + aware of the thoughts that run through my head. 

Health & Fitness Goals

For the Month

  1. Gallon H20 daily
    • Be that douchebag bodybuilder walking around with a gallon jug all the time. No F*cks Given.
  2. Train Hard and with Intention
    • Make the mind-muscle connection
    • Go into each training session with a goal
  3. Sunday AM routine
    • Hop on the spin bike for 30-40 minutes
    • Make some coffee, grab a book, and settle in for the next hour
    • Start whatever other Sunday activities that are necessary (like meal prep!)
  4. Consistency is Key
    • Stick to the routines I’ve built for myself, even when my schedule changes or something causes change. Be as consistent as possible through those times!
    • Keep meals consistent — eat to fuel the body, listen to the body, and don’t beat self up when you eat a ‘bad’ food…bitch there aren’t any bad foods.

For the Week

This week, my plan is:

  • Fill the gallon every night before bed and place it on the counter so I won’t forget it
  • Write my workouts the night prior so I am ready to go when I walk into the gym
    • Push yourself…3 weeks left and then training is switching up 😀
  • My week goes from Monday to Sunday, so Sunday finishes out my week and getting a nice cardio session in plus having some time to sit and relax with a book to kick off my day is essential to me. I don’t care how early/late I get up, this is happening. I don’t care if I have other plans for the day, this is happening.
  • Not planning on buying food on the go or eating at any restaurants this week. I just want to get back to a consistent/clean intake for this week following Thanksgiving’s shenanigans.

It seems like a lot, but much of it is already happening, primarily what’s under the health/fitness goals. I’m working my way through this month kind of in a maintenance period and thinking about what I really want for 2020 when it comes to training. This coming year is going to be a great time to dial into my training and nutrition to prepare me for the next competition that I am planning for either Fall 2020 or Spring 2021…yet to be decided. 

I feel like I’ve become a bit stagnant with things regarding online training and promoting it, so I really want to put some focus into that for this month and leading into January. I’m just going to keep moving and getting shit done each day, every little thing helps to move me in the right direction. 

What are your goals for December and heading into 2020?

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