4 Easy Ways to Start Your Fitness Routine During Quarantine

start ypur fitness journey

Written by: Travis Panzini

With millions of Americans stuck at home for what seems like years, now is a better time than any to start your fitness journey. Most of us are working from home, or unfortunately have been laid off due to the uncertainty of when we will resume “normal life.” With less commuting, less errands being run, and well, less fun in general, how can we take advantage of all this newly discovered time? 

If you have been thinking about getting into shape, there has never been a better time to be stuck at home. What could possibly be better than working out without having to go out? No rushing to the gym before or after work, no rushing home to get dinner ready for the family after a gym session, no feeling judged as you find your groove. Just you, your comfiest outfit, and the freedom to explore. 

Take a peek down below as we look at 4 easy ways that you can start your fitness routine during quarantine, as well as some resources to help you along!

1. Start Researching Your Workout Routine

For most of us, the hardest part of any new habit is just getting started! Especially when it comes to lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, we tend to have this “all or nothing” attitude to begin with. We feel as if we need to do EVERYTHING all at once and doing so can make it extremely daunting. This eventually turns into being overwhelmed, over-tired, and falling back into our old habits. 

But what if you could do ONE thing a day. Two things a day? Maybe three? It it better than the ZERO exercises you were doing last week? You bet your ass it is, and that’s exactly why you should start your fitness routine during quarantine. 

By no means does it have to be crazy, but you have some extra time to research workout routines. Take a look online, talk to friends, read blog posts (like this) and find some lovely at home workouts that you can fit into your schedule. Find some exercises that interest you and build a routine that works for you. Start small and build on your routine as you go. 

Don’t just limit yourself to what can be done at home, start taking a peek at some other movements that you can practice so that when that glorious gym opens back up, you’re ready to absolutely kill it. 

2. Start Researching Your Ideal Gym

Finding a gym that you would want to join can be about as fun as selecting a cable package, but it can be a great step to start your fitness routine during quarantine. 

On one hand you have the expensive options that offer about a million things you may not even care about, and on the other you have the cheaper options that look like a bomb went off. Sometimes it just seems like there’s no perfect option wherever you look. 

I am not sure you’ll be allowed to hit the bar this Friday night, so why not pour a glass of wine and start looking at some gyms in your area? 

Start out researching some of the common spots. (Gold’s, LA Fitness, Planet Fitness to name a few) Take note of

  • the lingo used,
  • their different amenities, packages, and
  • club photos.

I also suggest taking a look at some of the reviews of the LOCAL clubs under these larger umbrellas. Even if the name on the door is one of the big guys, it doesn’t necessarily mean all of their gyms are going to be created equal. 

The big guys tend to spell things out pretty well, and if you’re new to the fitness world it would be a great place to learn what to look for. 

After getting your feet wet, try looking into some smaller local gyms. They may not always have all the luxuries of a big name, but they can be very affordable and comfortable! 

3. Start Practicing & Exploring!

If you could try something new in a safe environment, do you think you’d be more inclined to do it? No judgement from the unknown bros and you don’t even need to pack a gym bag! 

You have free reign to experiment with exercises and work on your form. Switch on the ol’ YouTube or scroll through Instagram to start learning your new routine. If you’re looking for some guidance on where to look, I have compiled a list below of some YouTube/Instagram accounts that I have found very helpful over the years: 


By far my favorite fitness channel on YouTube. If you’re looking for step-by-step guides on how you should structure your workout and proper form, then look no further. Not only do they walk you through in great detail, but they also back things up with science! Hell yeah science! 

  1. Chris Heria 

Chris provides a lot of great workouts you can do from home and with minimal equipment! I have found myself tapping into his videos to help bring some variety into my routines. 

  1. Brian Pickowicz (@brianpickowicz) and Lindsey Rago (@raygobomb

Brian and Lindsey are a badass couple who inspire, educate, and spread nothing but positive vibes throughout the health and fitness community. These two trainers based out of the Dallas, TX area (with NH roots mind you!) share their wealth of knowledge on forming good habits, exercises and form, and nutrition tips. Be sure to check out their posts for some great at home work outs to start doing today! 

  1. Mariah Lyn Fitness (@mariahlynfit

A long-time friend of mine (and the reason I get to share these posts with you!), Mariah is an established fitness expert who is constantly pushing the limits and trying new things. She has a variety of clients in the New Hampshire area and posts some great workouts on her Instagram, as well as some extremely useful blog posts! Witty and intelligent, this chick is a great resource to get your body moving. 

4. Plan Your Attack on the Gym

By putting a plan in place before you charge into the gym can be a lifesaver. Combining your workout routine, figuring out the equipment you’ll need, and learning the layout of the gym can save you a lot of time, and most importantly a lot of anxiety. 

  1. Gather Your Workout Routine 

Hopefully with this time off, you have had the time to establish a solid workout plan. You’ve tried out quite a few different variations for different muscles group (as well as planning to try some more!), and have a good idea of how often you will be hitting the gym, and what you’ll be doing there! Awesome. Start by jotting down the days of the week you plan to go and what workouts you will be doing each day. 

  1. Inventory Your Workout Needs 

Have you thought about what you’re going to need to perform each exercise? Are you going to need dumbbells? A barbell? A specific piece of equipment? Jot down what you will be using next to each workout. 

  1. Learn the Layout of the Gym 

Fingers crossed you found the perfect gym! If you signed up online during quarantine, or just haven’t had the chance to walk through your new second home yet, I would absolutely suggest doing a little check in. Stop in to your gym and explain that you have just recently signed up and would like a tour of the facility. Tours are commonly done after signing up at a gym in person, but if you haven’t had this luxury, then stopping in to say hi will be a great way to make up for this! Take your workout plan with you. Take note of the equipment they have, where everything is located, and the nearest bathroom you can escape to if you ever need to hide (believe me I’ve done it plenty). Check your plan to make sure you have everything you need to complete your workout, and begin to envision how you would move about the gym from area to area. 

Final Thoughts

Days lately have been filled with ample amounts of stress, anxiety, and negativity.

Although it may not be the most luxurious activity, starting your fitness routine during quarantine could be a great habit to start while you’re cooped up. Whether it’s for a few minutes a day or a few exercises every other day. Making small adjustments in your daily habits can have a large impact on your long-term goals. 

By starting out slow and comfortable, you’ll be ready to make this a part of your normal routine as we all try to rediscover what a “normal” life is. 

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