What’s Your Identity?


The past 2 months have truly tested our endurance. With such a large disruption to our lives and routines, I want to focus on MINDSET. There are many avenues to approach our mindset and daily challenges, and right now is the perfect time to reflect on them.

I went for a walk Sunday morning, pretty ritual thing for me on a Sunday and I listened to the The Knowledge and Mileage Podcast (episode #63 – Strategic Quitting vs. Just Giving Up) that is hosted by Kris Gethin. He was accompanied by Lynn Marie Morski who is a woman that wears many hats…she is a Doctor, Lawyer, Author, and Quitting Evangelist. This podcast caught my attention for a few reasons.

1. It defines QUITTING
2. It questions your IDENTITY
3. It challenges you to ask yourself your WHY

What Does It Mean to Quit?

The dictionary defines quitting as “to leave or stop doing something”. Dr Lynn Marie Morski points out that nothing in that definition is negative, but many of us hold negative thoughts around quitting. Rather it’s our mindset towards the action and reason for why something is being quit. For example:

I am choosing to quit/stop (X) because it is causing stress in my relationships and creating a disruption with my sleep and eating.


I am quitting / giving up on (X) because it’s too hard / I don’t have time / I’m not seeing the benefits of it

Are you able to recognize when you are strategically quitting vs. just giving up?

My Answer:

I very rarely quit or just give up on something without trying or at least having a reason to back my departure from it. Some departures may be lame, but when they are I try to return to the activity down the road and try it again. Prior to quitting anything, I take my time to review and weigh my thoughts and concerns around the subject before making my final decision to continue or move on.

How Do You Identify Yourself?

Who are you? Do you define yourself by your sport, your career, your past, your diet, etc?
Who are you without those identities? Is there a void you’re trying to fill? Would you stress over finding a new identity or would you continue with replacing it?

When I asked myself these questions, my answers were:

I am Mariah Lyn MacDowell. I am Strong. Independent. Hardworking. Caring and Empathic. I am a Daughter, a Sister, and an Aunt.
I am a Woman who loves Health & Wellness. A Woman of Faith. A Woman who Loves Deeply. A Woman who cares about Character & being Authentic
I define myself by the values that I have chose to live my life by.

I identify myself as a Personal Trainer. Bodybuilder. Omnivore. Hippie/Drill Sergeant/Old Soul. Are these identities who I am forever? NOPE. 
I won’t be a personal trainer forever, I’m already starting to transition to a different career path. Bodybuilding? Nah, I love the sport and I’ll continue to train but I won’t compete forever. Omnivore — this is the “diet” that I’ve decided for myself because I eat everything with no restrictions. Hippie/Drill Sergeant/Old Soul — all things that my friends have claimed me to be, which have some truth in them.

If you quit a specific identity, does that mean you’re a quitter or failure?

We are allowed to change and transition to something that better serves us.

Example: I quit swimming after my Junior year of high school. Many people saw me as a quitter, but I quit because I was no longer happy. I didn’t enjoy the sport anymore for various reasons, so it was time for me to move on and find something else after 11 years of identifying myself as a swimmer.
I was and am not just a swimmer. I am also a bodybuilder, a daughter, a cat mom, an empath, and so much more!

What Is Your Why?

Why do you do what you do?
Is it something you find value in / enjoy?
Is it for yourself or is it for someone else?
What purpose does it serve you?
Whatever your WHY is, let it be for you.
My challenge to you is to explore these questions. There’s a lot of uncertainty still and now is a great time to review where you are at, if it’s where you want to be, and where you want to go from here. 
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