Just Do It

Just Do It

Going into 2020 my motto was “Just Do It” and “Make It Happen.”

In the past, I never really had words that I lived by, or at least not anything that was constantly in my mind.

I have subtle reminders, like “perseverance” tattooed on my neck in Braille. As well as, “All the strength you need is right there inside you” scripted on my ribs.

They are beautiful reminders but they aren’t constantly running through my head.The 3 little words of ‘Just Do It,’ have engraved themselves into my brain. And I’m grateful they have because this year has hit so differently Not just for the world, but for myself as well. And I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way.

The concept of ‘Just Do It’ hit me in January.

Before the pandemic hit, before the Murder Hornets tried (unsuccessfully) to take over media. Before Tiger King, and the fight and disruption within our nation.

I knew this year was going to be different. I knew I was going to be pushed to grow in ways that I didn’t think were possible. I knew I was stepping into a new phase of myself… a large growth phase going into my 24th year of life. 

Growing Pains

As a child, I was timid. 

The majority of the time, I still feel like I’m a bit of a shy being. When I think about it though, with all that I’ve done and accomplished, it’s a bit hard to be timid. Especially being a personal trainer…I’m putting my knowledge and skills out there. Someone is trusting you. 

Or when I decided to step on stage at physique shows and wearing the tiniest bikini. Someone is judging you. 

In the last week, I’ve had wonderful reminders from my family and friends that I am fearless, brave, capable, and so much more… 

I assure you, I am not fearless, definitely not always brave, and there are days that I don’t think I’m capable of much. 

I may not always be these things or see myself with those attributes, but I no longer let fear, embarrassment, or opinions drive my life. I don’t allow them to stop me from doing what my mind, heart, and gut want to do.

Which has led me to exploring life, doing what I love, and engaging in what feels right to me.

Exploring Life

What have I done in 2020 so far that was driven by Just Do It?

  • I went to the Arnold Classic by myself — the expo was cancelled which kind of ruined the whole point of it, but I made the most of my time in Ohio. I explored Columbus and Cleveland, and truly enjoyed the time to myself.
  • I have taken a deep dive into my inner self. The hard shit. The things that nobody wants to face. But if you expect to learn and grow in life, you have to take that deep dive. It’s scary, trust me. But you will walk out of it so much stronger.

What I’m doing in the next few weeks/months/year because of Just Do It:

  • I signed up for a motorcycle course…so this bitch is getting her motorcycle license and buying a motorcycle. 😬 get ready, world!
  • I have decided to uproot the life that I have built in New Hampshire and move to North Carolina. I don’t have a job set up, I don’t have an apartment locked down either. I’m just heading down in August and figuring things out from there…because why the hell not?
  • I’m going back to school. I’ll be returning to school in the next year for my Masters in Psychology. This has been a long time waiting and I’m so ready and so damn excited for it.
  • I am going to own and run my own business. Yes, I technically already kind of do with MariahLyn Fitness LLC. But what I’m planning for the future is going to be so much bigger and I can’t wait to share it with you!


Vantage Point

I realized today on my drive home that I run my life. 

Me, Myself, and I. 

Nobody else runs it. Not society, not my friends or parents, not my career, or my past, etc. 


I recognize that if I want something to happen, I need to make it happen. 

I’m increasingly becoming tired of watching people within my world let things happen to them or watching them wait for life to happen… THEN making excuses for why things did or didn’t go their way.

I got news for ya honey, life ain’t gonna happen unless you make it happen. 

I mean, yes, life will happen, but it won’t be in your control, and it sure as hell won’t be in your favor. You’ll watch the years pass by and wonder, “Where did the time go? Why didn’t I do XYZ like I wanted to? What do I have to show for my life?”

Life is too damn short to let it go to waste. It’s too short to not be nervous and excited about life! 

I was so giddy on my drive home, smiling like a freakin’ idiot because I’m so damn EXCITED about my life and what it has to offer.

‘Just Do It’ has been a beautiful reminder that if I want to do anything or get anywhere with my life, I need to suck it up and Just f*cking Do It. We all do. 

We are all on this Earth for a reason. We all have our purpose and we all have our potential. But to find your purpose and reach your potential, you have to ask yourself:

Am I going to keep letting life pass me by? Or am I going to make it happen for ME?

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  1. Go for it, Mariah! After some of our short conversations/interactions, I often thought to myself, ‘wow, if only I had been half as wise and introspective as she is, when I was her age.’ I think you’re an old soul, which can be tough, but you’re a tough cookie. PS: I’m thinking of doing the motorcycle course too, not sure I want to own one, but I’ve always wanted to learn how to operate one. Be well.

    1. Thank you Heidi! I’m realizing that I’m an old soul and it’s definitely an adventure in this world, but I wouldn’t change it.
      I am so excited about the motorcycle course! I think it’s worth knowing how to ride even if you don’t own a bike. It’s an experience and something fun & challenging! I’d say go for it.

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