Little Reminders

little reminders

Friday, September 25th 2020

At 6:00am my alarm went off, as it does every day. Normally, I would get up, go through my little morning routine, making breakfast, writing a bit then head to the gym. Today, I decided to take a much needed day off from the weights – both physical and mental need, and head to the beach instead. 

I grabbed my water bottle, notebook, and bag and headed out the door by 6:20am. I found my way to Wrightsville Beach and made a stop at SUNdays Cafe to grab a coffee before walking out on to the beach. 

It was a pretty cloudy morning, so there wasn’t much of a sunrise, but it was still beautiful out. The weather was perfect — 70 degrees, light wind, and I was happy to be in leggings and long-sleeve. 

I made my way out on to the pier and found myself watching the surfers that were out in the water. 

They paddle themselves out a ways, wait for the start of a wave, and when it arrives they start paddling back towards the shore. And at the right moment, they stand and ride the wave… some of them make it the whole way, some fall back in the water before the ride is over.

But after each fall, they climb back onto their boards and paddle back out to try again. 


Watching the surfers this morning was a nice reminder. 

A reminder to always get back up and keep trying.

Falling does not mean failure. Falling means you have a chance to learn, to adjust, and to try again.

I’ve been in North Carolina for almost 2 months and things are just beginning for me. I’ve been in my apartment for a month now and I’m beginning to make some connections with people at the gym I go to. 

In this time, I’ve been applying to jobs. One of them being Carter’s Kids clothing…that lasted 1 shift and I left. Metro’s Other Woman, a personal assistant gig which would’ve been cool. And I applied to Noom Inc. which is a nutrition and health coaching company. This was of high interest to me because health coaching is where I want to be. And it was a remote position…even better. I made it to phase 2 of the interview process but no further, and that’s okay by me.

I wasn’t as upset as you’d think because it was just another reminder that I should (and need) to continue on the path of creating and working for myself. That was my goal when I moved to North Carolina.

Grow my business and work for myself.

I found a posting for a personal trainer position at a local gym, Storm Strength & Fitness, so I applied and it’s what I’ve been looking for. I work under my own name, rent space of the facility, and build my own clientele. I’m not “owned” by a gym like I have been in the past. 

Life has felt like it’s been going at 100mph but also like it’s been stuck in the mud. Which is partly why I’ve been putting off doing any marketing for MariahLyn Fitness LLC. But also because it’s not one of my strengths, I feel weird about marketing myself, doing promotions on social media, etc. BUT it’s the name of the game.

So that means I need to pull myself up and out of the water, just like the surfers. Get back onto my board and paddle out and be ready for the next wave. 

I have to TRY – put myself out there. I will probably fall and when I do, I will assess what went well and what needs improvement. And I will try again, and repeat that process. 

I know I’m capable of getting it done. I know I can do it and be successful, but like anything that you don’t know much about, there’s some nerves that come with it, some uncertainties. That said, I’m ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and challenging myself to learn about this side of business and continue growing as a Being and so much more.

Today's Reminders (and Every Day)

Be Patient. 

Have Faith in Yourself.

Trust the Process.

Step Back and Breathe.

Find Peace. Clarity. and Guidance.

Always Get Back Up.

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