Are You Patient?



the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.


As humans, we lack patience with – ourselves, others, the world we live in, our careers, goals, etc.

In the world we currently live in, we have technology that basically allows us access to unlimited information and services like Amazon Prime where we can receive a package in 2 days without ever having to leave our house…we are 1) spoiled, 2) conditioning ourselves to expect things right when we want them. 

This year has been a great lesson in patience. The pandemic hitting early in the year and also each of our own personal challenges. For me, the pandemic / shut down was a blessing in disguise. It forced us (me) to STOP. We are constantly go-go-go with little room to stop, breathe, and take in the moment. 

It was definitely a bit of an inconvenience having everything that we knew change overnight, a large percent of us unable to work or go out and enjoy the life that we have…but pandemic or not, life can drastically change overnight and in far worse ways. And that drastic change usually occurs when we’re not looking. 

Morning Reflections

I was at the beach when I began writing this, waiting for the sun to rise. Patience crossed my mind as I was watching the sun peak over the ocean line. Patience is something that I’ve been struggling with lately and honestly it’s never been a strong suit for me.

Being out of work from the end of March to the start of June was a great test of my patience. An even greater test of my patience?

Moving 1,000 miles away from everything that I knew, to a state where I knew nobody. Making the choice to basically start my business from scratch and rebuild my name and clientele base in a new state. 

I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy or instant when it came to the business goals that I set for myself. I knew it would take time to find a space to coach out of and to get my name out there and build a client base. I just didn’t know how much time. 


I’ve been in North Carolina for 2 months now (as of Oct. 5th), and I officially became a resident on Oct. 7th! In that 2 month time, I found an apartment that I love – has a great community with a lot of potential connections for coaching. I’ve had a few job opportunities – Carter’s Kids Clothing, Zoe’s Kitchen, Metro’s Other Woman, the gym I train myself at, as well as another gym. I either chose to not pursue them further or they weren’t going to work with my goals.

So, I continued to be patient…or was at least trying to be. It was getting hard to be patient. To continue sitting around the apartment for the majority of the day with little to do. I was trying to do Facebook and Instagram promotions for the area I live in, with little return from them which discouraged me a bit. 

I was beginning to stress a bit about not working and was losing patience with myself. I was boarder-lining desperation – applying to coaching jobs that I really didn’t have interest in, but applied anyways because it would be a way to meet people and would be a source of income, and it’d get me out of the house during the day. 

But 2 months of patience has led me to starting at a massage and spa clinic tomorrow working on the front end. I’m really excited about this opportunity because 1) the team that works there is awesome, their vibe is where it’s at, 2) it’s a wonderful way for me to meet people, and 3) it’s a chance to collaborate with the LMTs and gain potential clients for health / habit coaching.

Another awesome opportunity presented itself to me when an owner of a fitness studio reached out to me with interest in bringing me on as a private contractor (the IDEAL situation for me and what I’ve been searching / hoping for). At this studio, I’ll be renting the space and training clients that either the owner hands to me OR that I bring in on my own — so much freedom!

And I start with my 1st client on Tuesday!

Right when I was beginning to feel anxious, worried, stressed, etc. the Universe blessed me with 2 amazing avenues that will help me grow and achieve my career goals. 

Ways to Practice Patience

  • Ask yourself WHY you’re being impatient. What’s the rush?
  • Find a task that requires patience and practice… mine was learning how to crochet and sew!
  • Remind yourself that it’s a process, you’re uncomfortable but that’s okay because the best is on it’s way!
  • Distract yourself — go for a drive, the beach, whatever it is and clear your head of your worries. 
  • Put in the work — do 1 thing each day that will push you in the direction that you’re trying to go.
  • Journal — Fear Set…I do this a lot when I’m anxious about what’s to come
  • Accept what you cannot control + focus on what IS within your control.
  • Remember the goal and remember your WHY
  • Ask for help to reach your goals. You aren’t in this alone.
  • Hold zero expectations

There will be dark days. There will be days and even weeks where you feel like you’re in a rut. But you will get out of it.
Remember your  goals and where you’re headed. Be patient. Put in the work. And you will be rewarded.

Essentials to Remember

Listen to and Trust Yourself.

Don’t Try to Rush Something because You Feel the Pressure.

Never Accept Anything Less than what You Deserve
…even if it means waiting a little bit longer, I promise you, it will be worth it.

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