25 Life Lessons

25 life lessons
As of March 7, 2021

I became a quarter of a century old. Twenty-five. I don’t know why but 25 just seems like such a good number and my 25th year is going to be my best so far.

A lot happens in 25 years, and I’ve learned so much, especially in the last 7 years. The most significant years were from 2014 to now, where I went to college, graduated, worked a few different jobs which brought me to where I am today.

College showed me a great amount of what I did and did not want in my life. I learned that I wasn’t a partier, and that my health and fitness was a priority over going out and getting drunk. I learned that I like my alone time and that I don’t do well with large groups of friends / people. Among many other things…

At 21, I had an internship at a strength and conditioning gym, and I also landed my 1st personal training job a few months after. Both opportunities taught me a great amount about coaching and business. The internship taught me how to run a business, how to create a community and how to show up each day for your clients. The other, taught me what not to do when it came to running a business and how to treat clients, unfortunately because I had to watch how poorly run everything was.

Between 21 and now, I’ve met a lot of people – some I’d never want to see again, but many that are such beautiful souls and I’m incredibly grateful to be blessed with having them in my life. Each person has taught me something and helped me to grow as a human being. Because of them, I am who I am today and I can’t thank those who’ve supported me and pushed me every day to be the best version of myself.

So, what I’ve learned in a quarter of a centery…

25 Life Lessons Learned in 25 Years
  1. Ask for help and accept help when it’s offered.
  2. It’s okay to say No & you don’t have to explain why.
  3. Listen to your heart & gut…they’ll never lie to you.
  4. Don’t waste time on people who waste your time…also don’t waste theirs.
  5. Change happens. Don’t fear it & roll with it.
  6. Explore – move out of your home town, travel, try new things!
  7. Whatever you do, do it for you and only you.
  8. Eat the damn cake (or donut).
  9. Choose your friends wisely, hold them close, cherish them.
  10. Stop holding grudges. Life’s too short and there’s too much to be happy about.
  11. Learn to respond, react.
  12. Reflect…a lot. The good, the bad, learn from it.
  13. Take time to focus on YOU – who you are and what you want.
  14. You don’t have to be everyone’s friend & they don’t have to be yours.
  15. It’s okay to piss people off…it shows their true colors.
  16. Spend time alone & learn about yourself outside of a relationship.
  17. I am responsible for my own actions, no one else is.  Nor am i responsible for theirs.
  18. You always have a choice. Always.
  19. Love deeply. Yourself, your family, your friends, your hobbies, etc. Whatever it is, lead with love.
  20. Smile and laugh during the shitty times.
  21. Cut off the things that aren’t necessary to hold onto and that are holding you back.
  22. Cry… Feel everything you need to, happy, sad, angry,  whatever.  If you need to cry,  do it.
  23. Cherish the special moments and memories that are being created. Be present.
  24. You’ll fail…a lot. That’s okay, just never give up.
  25. Be true to yourself.
What Have You Learned in Your Lifetime?
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