42-Day Accountability Challenge

42 days for $42.

42 days is a length of time that is short enough to keep attention and is easy to commit to something. It’s also long enough to be effective when creating new habits or routines. 

This Challenge Will:
  • Build sustainable habits
  • Build strength and lean muscle
  • Build healthier eating habits
During this Challenge:

Goal setting guidance

    • Pick your THEME 
    • Worksheet to set goals + break them down into daily and weekly goals
    • Daily review worksheet


    • 2 x 3-week programs — 4 workouts to follow for 3 weeks
    • New workouts will be received at the start of the 4th week

Nutritional guidance

    • Calorie and macro setting
    • Shopping / Prepping guide


    • I will be reaching out consistently to see how you are doing, keep you motivated, and provide you guidance to keep you on track to your goals over the 42 days

Measuring Success of Your Challenge

      • What do you need/expect from this program?
      • What can yourself and I do to help you get there?
      • Were you honest with yourself throughout the program?

Fill out the form below, I will forward you a link for purchase.
Following purchase, you will receive the 42-Day Challenge packet in your email with instructions and resources to start your Challenge!

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