8-Week Nutrition Reset

8week nutrition reset

$60 for 8-Weeks

September 20th – November 14th

Are you tired of being bombarded with the newest fad diet? Are you sick of being confused  about which diet is right for you?

If you answered, YES! then this 8-Week Nutrition Reset is for you!

Learn about the basics of nutrition and how you can simplify food. Learn to eat to fuel your body and mind to function at it’s best. Have confidence in yourself and your nutritional choices. 

Shift your focus from DIET over to LIFESTYLE. This program is not a diet OR a quick fix. Nor is it a definition of your eating habits or lifestyle.

Instead, it’s an introduction to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. This program is meant to empower you to take control and live your best life. To provide you with the tools you need to be successful in reaching your health goals. 

Why Do the 8-Week Reset?

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the Macronutrients
  • How to Meal Track and Control Portions
  • Create Balanced Meals
  • Create Macro Plan that Fits Your Needs
  • How to Create Your Own Meals + Meal Plan
  • Eating at Restaurants & On the Go
  • Learn about Yourself! — this is the greatest part!

What You’ll Take Away from It

  • Understanding of the Macros
  • How Food Affects Your Body + Mind
  • Confidence in Yourself + Your Nutrition Decisions
  • Ability to Plan + Create what Works for You
  • Awesome Recipes 
  • Meal Planning Template that can be Mixed + Matched
  • Greater Understanding of Yourself + What Your Body Needs

What's Included:

Over this 8-week Reset, you’ll receive:

  • Goals + Challenges  — Group Goals and Self-Created Goals!
  • Weekly Newsletters — these include the Topic of the 
  • Food Chart + Grocery Store Guide
  • “Plug & Play” Meal Planning Template
  • Shared Recipes!
  • Access to Private Facebook Accountability Group
  • Access to Me! through FB Messenger or the Group to answer any questions or discussions

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