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Do you behave at the grocery store?

Do you hit the grocery store with every intention of buying healthy, nutritious food? But then find yourself wandering the aisles and grabbing unnecessary items off of the shelf?
If you answered yes to the above questions, try applying the strategies below next time you go for your weekly shopping trip.
Shop the Perimeter - the outer edges of the store is where you will find whole, natural foods
  • If I'm shopping at Hannaford, I usually start in the produce and work my way to the meat section, and then into the refrigerator section. Depending on what my meal plan is for the week, I may venture into the aisles to grab condiments, rice cakes/nuts, and oats. 
Ok, so let's start shopping!
  • Produce
    • Buy fresh, whole fruit and vegetables.
    • It's best to stay away from the pre-cut veggies and fruits. Why? - 1) they are more expensive, 2) they lose their nutrient profile when cut and exposed to light and oxygen, 3) because of the shorter shelf-life, they're usually dipped in a preservative solution [gross].
Have all your fruits and vegetables? Ok, let's keep walking. Most grocery stores have a bakery following the produce section, which is a fantastic idea and whoever thought of it is a jerk. Stay strong, put your blinders on and keep moving along!
  • Proteins 
    • Best option: buying from the butchers counter or farm-raised packaged proteins. Though they're typically more expensive, they are much cleaner and better quality.
    • Avoid purchasing the pre-seasoned chicken, burger, steaks, etc.
      • It is much better to season/marinate the proteins yourself - you know what you'll be using and how much of it.
  • Refrigerator Aisles
    • Grab your eggs, dairy, and frozen fruits/veggies.
    • If buying frozen produce, check the ingredients list. Some may have added sugars/preservatives -- avoid them.
    • Yogurts -- best option: plain yogurt. It may be boring but you'll do yourself a favor by avoiding the crazy amounts of added sugars.
      • You can dress up the yogurt later on with extracts, dry pudding mix, protein powder, fruit, peanut butter, etc.
Perimeter done. Now it's time to tackle the dry foods on your list.
  • Center Aisles
    • Rice, oats, cereals, coffee, spices, and the oh-so good Oreo's and more...
    • If you can, buy the dry foods in bulk. Doing so will lower the frequency of stepping foot into these aisles.
    • Only venture down the aisles with the items that you need! Read the signs above the aisle and don't you freaking dare step foot in an aisle that doesn't have what you need.
Other Tips
  • Go in with a list + a budget. Stick to the list, if it's not written down, it does not get added to the cart.
  • Shop the store in the order of the list so you aren't wandering up and down aisles multiple times.
  • Don't have a lot on your list? Grab a basket, rather than a cart.
  • Have a meal or snack before going to the store. Also bring a water bottle with you and sip on that while shopping.
Workout of the Month

AMRAP 15 minutes or 5 Rounds
  • 8 Clusters (clean + squat to press)
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 12 MB Overhead Slams
  • 6 Burpees
Need: Dumbbells / Kettlebells  Medicine Ball
Alternative movements if equipment isn't available...
Medicine Ball (MB) -- replace with Mt. Climbers or Spider Planks
Kettlebell or Dumbbell --  use a barbell, resistance bands, or water bottles (filled with water/sand/rocks), get creative...
Burpees - can be replaced with 50 Jump Ropes, 30 Jumping Jacks, Jog a Lap...really anything that quick and is going to get your heart rate up
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