Forgiveness, Friendship, and Fat

With the weather starting to cooperate here in New England, it’s actually feeling like spring. To take advantage of this, I’ve been making it a habit to get out for a walk every day. On my walks, I tend to throw on a podcast that is somewhere between the topics fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. Thursday…… Continue reading Forgiveness, Friendship, and Fat

What’s Your Identity?

The past 2 months have truly tested our endurance. With such a large disruption to our lives and routines, I want to focus on MINDSET. There are many avenues to approach our mindset and daily challenges, and right now is the perfect time to reflect on them. I went for a walk Sunday morning, pretty ritual…… Continue reading What’s Your Identity?

4 Easy Ways to Start Your Fitness Routine During Quarantine

Written by: Travis Panzini With millions of Americans stuck at home for what seems like years, now is a better time than any to start your fitness journey. Most of us are working from home, or unfortunately have been laid off due to the uncertainty of when we will resume “normal life.” With less commuting,…… Continue reading 4 Easy Ways to Start Your Fitness Routine During Quarantine

The Gym: Understanding the Ecosystem

Written by: Travis Panzini Let’s be honest, the gym is intimidating. Weights being thrown around, the occasional grunt, and tops that barely count as tops. To anyone (including seasoned gym vets), this can make working out seem pretty daunting. What if we could better understand this ecosystem to help build your comfort and confidence? Dealing…… Continue reading The Gym: Understanding the Ecosystem

How to Navigate Carb Cycling

What is Carb Cycling? What’s the Purpose? Carb cycling is a diet / eating style that manipulates caloric and macronutrient intake, specifically adjusting the carbohydrate intake throughout the week.The idea or purpose of carb cycling is to limit your carbohydrate intake for a set number of days. By doing, you are decreasing your insulin levels…… Continue reading How to Navigate Carb Cycling

Monday Mood: Unrealistic Expectations, Pt. 2

Client – a person or organization using or receiving the benefits of a service provided by a professional person or company. When looking to use someone for their professional services, like personal training or nutrition coaching, there are some baseline expectations that the client should have of the coach they choose to work with. Starting a journey…… Continue reading Monday Mood: Unrealistic Expectations, Pt. 2

Monday Mood: Unrealistic Expectations Pt. 1

This post in its entirety is meant for both trainers and clients, and those just starting out in the fitness world (be it as a trainer or a client), but I’ve decided to split it up because there’s a lot. I believe that many of us have unrealistic expectations of a multitude of things in…… Continue reading Monday Mood: Unrealistic Expectations Pt. 1

5 Tips to Survive Whole30

I made it through 30 days of having black coffee and no cheese! Among a few other things! I just want to start by saying how much I actually ENJOYED these 30 days, they flew by and I feel awesome on so many levels! This past August, I had attempted Whole30 and bailed after just…… Continue reading 5 Tips to Survive Whole30

Why I Stopped Fasting

Intermittent fasting had been a part of my daily routine for about 7 months through 2019 following my last competition prep. After 7 months of IF from May to December, I decided it was time to transition out of this eating style. Why Did I Do Intermittent Fasting?                I chose to give intermittent fasting…… Continue reading Why I Stopped Fasting

Flexibility through the Holidays

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is 2 days away! This year has absolutely flown by. Seeing that it’s my 1st holiday season where I won’t be on prep, I’ve been thinking about how I want to approach the next 4 weeks of being repeatedly punched in the face by the amazing food that comes with Thanksgiving,…… Continue reading Flexibility through the Holidays