3 Reasons to Take Days Off

I’ve made it to the gym twice this week. TWO times. If y’all know me, you know I’m normally there at least 5 days a week. But this past week, I just wasn’t feeling it. And that’s okay! My boyfriend and I took a trip to Austin, Texas recently. It was a great little getaway…… Continue reading 3 Reasons to Take Days Off

Chasing & Achieving Goals

The past few months have been a flurry of setting goals, chasing them, and achieving them. North Carolina has been my home now for 8 months. A lot has happened in that time, some good, some bad, but mostly good! Each experience and lesson has been a great opportunity for growth. As most of you know,…… Continue reading Chasing & Achieving Goals

Avoid Diet Sabotage

Don’t throw away your hard work! Last week, a friend came down to North Carolina and spent the week with me. I haven’t seen any friends or family since moving to NC back in August, so it was nice to have some familiarity with me for a week and a half. I’m a horrible tourist,…… Continue reading Avoid Diet Sabotage

25 Life Lessons

As of March 7, 2021 I became a quarter of a century old. Twenty-five. I don’t know why but 25 just seems like such a good number and my 25th year is going to be my best so far.A lot happens in 25 years, and I’ve learned so much, especially in the last 7 years.…… Continue reading 25 Life Lessons

30 Days of Minimalism

The 30 Days of Minimalism Challenge has been done by many…and I have decided to hop on the bandwagon after it being 4 weeks since Governor Sununu put the stay-at-home order into place. Not being able to coach right now, I need to put some sort of focus into my day outside of my morning…… Continue reading 30 Days of Minimalism

The Gym: Understanding the Ecosystem

Written by: Travis Panzini Let’s be honest, the gym is intimidating. Weights being thrown around, the occasional grunt, and tops that barely count as tops. To anyone (including seasoned gym vets), this can make working out seem pretty daunting. What if we could better understand this ecosystem to help build your comfort and confidence? Dealing…… Continue reading The Gym: Understanding the Ecosystem

5 Strategies to Beat the Quarantine Blues

I don’t want to say the world is in chaos, but it’s definitely not in sync or in peace right now. With the recent events of the COVID-19 outbreak, the world and our individual world has taken a hard hit to the ego. Right now, we are all experiencing a variety of emotions and feelings…… Continue reading 5 Strategies to Beat the Quarantine Blues

How to Navigate Carb Cycling

What is Carb Cycling? What’s the Purpose? Carb cycling is a diet / eating style that manipulates caloric and macronutrient intake, specifically adjusting the carbohydrate intake throughout the week.The idea or purpose of carb cycling is to limit your carbohydrate intake for a set number of days. By doing, you are decreasing your insulin levels…… Continue reading How to Navigate Carb Cycling

Monday Mood: Unrealistic Expectations, Pt. 2

Client – a person or organization using or receiving the benefits of a service provided by a professional person or company. When looking to use someone for their professional services, like personal training or nutrition coaching, there are some baseline expectations that the client should have of the coach they choose to work with. Starting a journey…… Continue reading Monday Mood: Unrealistic Expectations, Pt. 2

Monday Mood: Unrealistic Expectations Pt. 1

This post in its entirety is meant for both trainers and clients, and those just starting out in the fitness world (be it as a trainer or a client), but I’ve decided to split it up because there’s a lot. I believe that many of us have unrealistic expectations of a multitude of things in…… Continue reading Monday Mood: Unrealistic Expectations Pt. 1