Finding Your Fit

Fit is Important You’re probably thinking I’m talking about clothing but really I’m talking about health and fitness. Fitness isn’t a one size fits all type of thing, as most things in life aren’t. Everyone has different tastes and interests when it comes to diet, fitness, their career and hobbies, TV shows, clothing…  basically anything and…… Continue reading Finding Your Fit

Little Reminders

Friday, September 25th 2020 At 6:00am my alarm went off, as it does every day. Normally, I would get up, go through my little morning routine, making breakfast, writing a bit then head to the gym. Today, I decided to take a much needed day off from the weights – both physical and mental need,…… Continue reading Little Reminders

Just Do It

Going into 2020 my motto was “Just Do It” and “Make It Happen.” In the past, I never really had words that I lived by, or at least not anything that was constantly in my mind. I have subtle reminders, like “perseverance” tattooed on my neck in Braille. As well as, “All the strength you…… Continue reading Just Do It

4 Easy Ways to Start Your Fitness Routine During Quarantine

Written by: Travis Panzini With millions of Americans stuck at home for what seems like years, now is a better time than any to start your fitness journey. Most of us are working from home, or unfortunately have been laid off due to the uncertainty of when we will resume “normal life.” With less commuting,…… Continue reading 4 Easy Ways to Start Your Fitness Routine During Quarantine

5 Reasons Why You Should Set Goals

If you haven’t noticed already from previous posts, I make a pretty big deal out of goal setting and taking action towards the things that I see value in. Seeing that we are 2 weeks into 2020, I’m sure the New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. I think it’s great that resolutions are made…… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Set Goals