Fail…and Fail Again

3 Years Ago January 2018, I was let go from a coaching job. I had started at GAIN as an intern during the Spring semester of my Junior year at UNH. Over the summer, I was brought on as a part-time coach. At the time, I had only been working 1 or 2 days a…… Continue reading Fail…and Fail Again

Little Reminders

Friday, September 25th 2020 At 6:00am my alarm went off, as it does every day. Normally, I would get up, go through my little morning routine, making breakfast, writing a bit then head to the gym. Today, I decided to take a much needed day off from the weights – both physical and mental need,…… Continue reading Little Reminders

Monday Mood: Unrealistic Expectations, Pt. 2

Client – a person or organization using or receiving the benefits of a service provided by a professional person or company. When looking to use someone for their professional services, like personal training or nutrition coaching, there are some baseline expectations that the client should have of the coach they choose to work with. Starting a journey…… Continue reading Monday Mood: Unrealistic Expectations, Pt. 2