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Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coaching in Wilmington, NC

Mariah Lyn Fitness & Nutrition strives to help women discover 3 things through fitness and nutritional guidance:




Your Guide to Living YOUR


Mariah Lyn Fitness & Nutrition is for women of all ages and fitness backgrounds. We aim to assist women in improving their confidence, strength, and energy. Allowing them to lead a life that’s sustainable and that they love.

Coach Mariah provides her clients with motivation, individual workouts, and nutritional guidance to help them achieve their goals – both in-person or online.

We often put ourselves second compared to other priorities in our lives. Now is the time to put yourself and your health first! Give yourself the gift of health and let me guide you there!

What We Focus On:

Exercise | Nutrition | Stress Management | Sleep Hygeine | Daily Habits | Routines

Meet Mariah

Hey! I’m Mariah MacDowell – your fitness and nutrition coach. I strive to create a custom program within an encouraging environment that will allow us to work together to set your goals, improve your relationship with yourself, and help you feel confident at every stage of your life!

All things health and fitness are my passion. I cater to all levels of fitness abilities and nutrition knowledge. I enjoy helping those looking to achieve goals of weight/fat loss, muscle strength and mass gain, athletic endurance, and lifestyle change. 

I received my Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from the University of New Hampshire in 2017. I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and ISSA Certified Nutrition Specialist. And am currently working on my certification as a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist!

My goal as a coach is to educate and empower those that I work with to discover their potential and take control of their health and fitness.

Client Testimonials

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Your Health Should Come First

Life can get busy and sometimes your health isn't placed as a top priority. Let's change that. Together we'll find the perfect balance for you! I will help you define your goals, develop sustainable habits, hold you accountable and set you up for success! During our initial consultation, we'll determine what works best for you and design a program that fits your goals!