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Prep 2019: 13 Weeks out

It’s been a bit since I last updated on where I’m at with my current contest prep situation. I’m 88 days out or 12 weeks and 4 days from my 1st show — the OCB Pine Tree State in Westbrook, ME…but who’s counting?

I started prep the Sunday following Thanksgiving, the decision to start at about 20 weeks out was made so I could mentally get myself in the game as well as have some buffer room around the Christmas/New Years time. Last year, I did not do that and allowed myself quite a bit of freedom through Christmas and New Years and even a couple weeks following….but I learned and was not about to make the same mistake.

Anyways, 8 weeks into this whole thing now and I am feeling great!…most days. This past week I had a bit of a mini breakdown and had the thoughts of not competing this spring, for many reasons. Last Friday, I did an InBody scan hoping to see good numbers, but to my disappointment I only saw a 2lb decrease in weight and a 1% decrease in body fat…this was upsetting for about a minute and I then realized my wonderful monthly cycle that the female body is blessed with was making it’s grand entrance that day. Not shockingly, that can have quite a big impact on your numbers.

Outside of that, I feel good. My food has been good — taking in 1,850 calories and have been for almost 4 weeks now. I plan to do 3-4 week phases, with refeeds at the end of them and leading into a calorie drop. So this coming Saturday with be a refeed (yay!). When it comes to my calorie drops, I’m dropping by 150 calories, 20g carbs, 5-10g fat, and maintaining my protein.

Monday, the big drop…from 1,850 to 1,700. Really not that bad. My macros will be 160g carbs, 165g protein, and 45g fats. This will be held for 3-4 weeks as I’ve said, adjustments will be made as needed and if I feel like I have plateaued in my fat loss.

Meals have been pretty consistent…nothing special. My daily diet consists primarily of:

  • Protein: chicken, ground turkey, eggs, Greek yogurt, and protein powder
  • Carbs: rice, sweet potato, red potato, oats, fruits (apples/bananas), and the occasional low carb pita.
  • Fats: peanut/almond butter and a little bit of low fat cheese.
  • Veggies: broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, asparagus…

Currently doing a 5 day lift split of:

  • Shoulders + Core
  • Legs – quads/calves
  • Back + Core
  • Chest + Arms
  • Legs – glute/ham

I plan to switch up my training schedule soon, not much though. Cardio has been in my life consistently. It’s become normal to do 3 sessions of 20-30 minutes of cardio each week. I plan to increase to 4 sessions this week of two 20 minute HIIT sessions, and two 30 minute MIIT/LISS.

Progress pics this season have been quite limited, mostly because I don’t want to have to get up any earlier than I have to to take pictures before heading out to work. BUT photos were taken on Monday, yesterday, and I did a comparison of progress photos from ones last year at 13 weeks out as well as from 2 weeks out from my first show of 2018, compared them to yesterdays…I think I’m on a really good track at the moment.

May not be at the same exact BF% but I am pretty damn close, I’m not quite as lean through my shoulders yet, but being 13 weeks out vs 2 weeks out and being that similar…that makes me pretty freaking excited.

I’m hoping to take progress pictures a little more consistently over the next 13 weeks. Probably every 2 weeks to see how things are going, do some comparisons, and make decisions when it comes to my diet and increasing cardio/adjusting my weight training.

Planning for 2 shows in April, as said above the Pine Tree State in Maine — I did this show last year and had a lot of fun with it. My 2nd show is either going to be the INBF Northwoods Classic in Maine OR the NPC Jay Cutler Classic in Boston, MA…plenty of time to decide and much conditioning to be done before.

Have a great week!

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