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For anyone who has competed before, you know how expensive the sport of bodybuilding can be…especially the suits.

Last fall, when I finally made the decision to compete in a physique show, I also made a quite confident decision that I would make my own suit…having little to no experience when it came to sewing. But I got a sewing machine, ordered fabric, found some patterns and tutorials to use for the suits and got started.

I quickly discovered that sewing isn’t as easy as I thought it was, it’s quite time consuming and required A LOT of patience (which I did not have at the time). So I opted to buy a blank suit in the color that I wanted and jewel it myself. Still incredibly cheap compared to buying a pre-made and jeweled suit. **Last years suit that I stoned myself ➡➡**

I had a lot of fun bedazzling my suit, it was relaxing and kind of a mindless activity. Since then, I have worked on my sewing skills and though not entirely perfect, I finally was able to make a few suits successfully from start to finish. I have been doing progress pics and practicing in a mixed suit that I made…The top of one suit fit me better and the bottoms of another the same.

Once I was confident that I could get a full bikini done, I ordered new fabric/materials and got started! My original plan was to wear another royal blue suit, I love the color and feel good in it. I ordered a royal blue spandex fabric and started working on it. Unfortunately it just wasn’t going the way I wanted it to, the fabric was supposed to be a 4-way stretch, but it wasn’t and it didn’t lay the way I wanted it too.

So I decided to hop over to JoAnn’s fabric a couple of weeks ago to see what they had for their performance fabrics. They didn’t have the royal blue that I had been hoping for, but I did end up finding a nice purple, a multi-color fabric (which I am calling unicorn), and a light blue. I decided on using the blue material – I think it matches my personality as well as will look great with the dark spray tan when on stage. 

Making the Suit

I got home from JoAnn’s and was so excited about getting started on the suit that I got to work right away! I chose to start with the top of the bikini since it would take the longest – the top has more pieces to be cut out, more adjusting, and more attachments than the bottoms do. I had ordered soft molded cups from Miko Suit Supplies and was using the Figure suit bottoms pattern that she has on her shop as well. I was able to get most of the top done in 1 weekend which was great. I am really happy with the way it turned out! 

I cut the pieces for the top which included: 2 square cuts to cover the cups, 2 – 1.5″ wide strips to go along the outer edge, 2 – 2″ wide strips to go along the bottom of the cup, and 4 – 1.5″ strips that would be used to make the neck and back straps (these I guesstimated on length).

From there, I started sewing the fabric to the cup. I wanted the inner edge of the cup to be clean, so I chose to sew the fabric so it was underneath the cup and then flipped it over so there would be no visible stitching and it would have a smooth edge. Then went from there, sewing down the other sides and adding in the edges to allow for straps to be attached. 

Top finished, I started the bottoms. Cut out front and back pieces in the blue fabric and a beige liner fabric, pieced them together and went after it. I would have had them done in the same weekend, but I decided to take a bit of a break to reduce the chance of messing the bottoms up…which tends to happen when I get tired and frustrated. The hardest part of making the bottoms is sewing in the elastic, the tension needs to be even on both sides…there have been many times where I have had to rip stitching apart due to it being uneven.😤Once they were finished, it was time to start jeweling!

The Stoning of the Suit

I think this part scared me a bit more than the sewing portion of the process…Sewing I can rip stitches or cut new fabric and start again. Gluing stones, not so much😳, once they’re on they are on and if you pull them off, the glue is pretty damn noticeable. 

I decided to start with just lining the inner edge of the suit with stones to start off and then figure out where to go from there. Next I started the “whiskers” and then added the burst between the whiskers. To finish it up, I added stones to the back and neck straps too


Onto the bottoms! These were a bit more stressful for me. I needed to make sure everything was centered and straight. I wanted to wrap the bottoms on a ball or something to make the fabric smooth, but didn’t have anything so instead I used a protein container 🤷‍♀️. I finished the front in about an hour and continued the back of the suit the following day and finished in about the same time. I did a similar pattern on the bottoms as the front…”whiskers” with a burst effect between and around.

Overall I am really happy with how this suit came out. And it worked/fit well this past weekend at my 1st show. There are some things that I do need to improve on for the next one, mostly with cleaning up the stitching. But I am pretty damn proud of myself for finishing this suit!

More suits to come soon, and other athletic apparel!

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