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2 Weeks Post Show

I have to be honest…the week that followed my show did not go as I had planned/hoped. I had every intention of sticking to my diet, had meals ready to go to keep me on track and filled my schedule, but still it just didn’t happen. Sunday through the following Monday, I ate everything and anything. In a long stream of tortilla chips, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, oreos, and I don’t even know what else, Monday night, what I had thought to be my last binge day, I had half a jar of Teddy’s PB and half a bag of chocolate chips. Why? Because I f*cking wanted to. Was I hungry? Nope, but it was available so I went after it.

Tuesday, I was ready to go – back on track and feeling good! Then Thursday happened, when I came home to Big.Fat.Cookie on my doorstep, only 2 days after my vow to stick to my plan. Goodbye healthy eating, hello cookies! I had 1 of the giant cookies (not pictured was the one already in the oven — peanut butter chocolate chip cookie with nutella + a biscoff cookie) and more chocolate chips & peanut butter…and 2 of the muffins that I made (recipe is in the May newsletter that is coming out May 2nd!).

This extended binge has not been great mentally or physically…although all the carbs have been wonderful during my training sessions. Having gone so long without processed foods then consuming a significant amount of them, it has definitely caused some negative effects, such as mood swings from the imbalance/my body not being used to the high amounts of sugar, also making me feel/look like a puffer fish at the moment. I know these effects will go away once I clean up my diet and get my water back on track. I deemed this weekend a “detox” weekend to flood myself with some H2O and only eat when I am hungry and only what I have prepared. Been on track with food/water, only bought what I needed at the grocery store yesterday, and it’s Sunday afternoon, and no binge-cidents have happened!

Coming out of competition prep, I knew there would be some buffer time when it came to my eating, but I really did not want it to be 2 weeks long. At least it wasn’t as bad as last year…I had NO plan whatsoever.


Training hasn’t been horrible, but it hasn’t been great either. I haven’t had much direction with my lifts these past 2 weeks, at least not as much as I would have liked.

My goal for this week is to get myself into a good routine again, have my workouts written out before even stepping foot into the gym. Also need to get my thoughts organized, do some research, and really hone in on the goals that I am setting for this off-season.

The training split that I plan to go with at least for the next couple of months is:
1. Shoulders/Abs
2. Back/Abs
3. Legs – quad focus
4. Chest/Abs
5. Arms + Delts
6. Hamstrings/Glutes

The 2 areas that I really need to build/focus on are (I believe) my core and my hamstrings.

I’m currently still doing cardio 6x a week for 30 minutes. There have been days that I have thrown in 30 minutes fasted cardio before going to work since I couldn’t sleep, so why lie in bed doing nothing when you can get a sweat session on?
I plan to maintain the 6 days x 30min probably for the next month, mostly because I am trying to maintain some leanness for my brother’s wedding in June.
I’ll reassess after that, and probably slowly work my way down to 3x a week.

Goals for the Off-Season
  • Be comfortable in my own skin – this is always m goal. It’s a bit harder to be ‘comfortable’ with the changes your body goes through coming out of a cutting/weight loss phase, the mind plays many games. But I know 100% that those changes are absolutely necessary if I want to grow and improve.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule. Keep the diet 80% clean, the other 20% I won’t worry too much about. I’m just looking for some sort of consistency again.
  • Cheat smart…no cheat days, only cheat meals. & not too often…thinking every 3-4 weeks. On the day of a cheat meal, I will plan the meals before &/ after accordingly.
  • Pay more attention to what my body responds to when it comes to both training and diet. 
    • Do I like higher carb or a moderate carb/higher fat diet? What foods do I best respond to? Etc.
    • Something that I’ve been trying to do more of lately is listening a bit more to my body,  I’ve always done this but just trying to tune in a tad bit more. So what I mean is only eat when I am hungry. I typically eat ever 2 .5-3 hours depending on my schedule for that day. Sometimes by the 3 hour mark I’m not exactly hungry, so if I’m not hungry, then I don’t force it. 
  • Do more research…on training techniques/styles, ‘diets’, etc. Not only for myself, but for my current + future clients as well.
  • Sew & jewel more suits!
  • Come out of this off-season feeling good and ready to rock the next competition season, whenever that may be (thinking late spring 2020 or fall 2020).

Coming Soon...

Grocery Store Comparisons!

  • Comparing Market Basket, Hannaford, Shaw’s, Wal-Mart, and Aldi
  • Looking at their pricing, weekly sales, store set-up, overall shopping experience, etc. 
  • Why? Because I want to. && I like to save money where I can, but also get the best quality that I can.

Meal Prep Services Comparison/Review

  • I’ve picked a few meal prep services, some on the larger scale and then a couple that are local – based in the NH Seacoast area
  • Looking at the quality/quantity of the foods, pricing, the options that are provided, and how well they cater to dietary needs.
  • Asking: is a meal prep service really worth it? (based on my time + financials, also considering how it could be beneficial for others)
  • I am receiving the 1st one this coming Thursday from Freshly

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