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Getting My Nutrition Back on Track

Today marks 4 weeks that I’ve been in North Carolina!

Prior to my move to NC, I made the decision to relax when it came to tracking macros. I wanted to allow myself the freedom to eat intuitively and not label any foods as “off limits” due to the chaos and stress that typically comes with picking up your entire life and moving 1,000 miles away.

I didn’t strictly track macros for about 2 months, so from July until now – September.  July was a month of packing the apartment and moving things to my parents house in Western Mass, and August consisted of me staying in an AirBnB.

Throughout August, I didn’t have much of a schedule or routine (other than the gym) in the 1st week. The AirBnB was very accommodating – I was able to meal prep, have fridge + shelf space, etc. which greatly helped to keep me on track a bit rather than wasting money on eating out and putting my body through having to eat on the go for a few weeks…I can handle a few days, but a few weeks is a big NOPE.

Last week, I moved into my apartment, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a full kitchen and all of my cooking tools again (so excited to have my Instapot back!)…And now that I’m in my new digs, it’s time to get back on track with my nutrition. 

The Past Month

My ‘diet’ hasn’t been great but it also hasn’t been the worst. It’s definitely a challenge going from always having food prepped and ready to go, to not having anything at all, but I did the best I could. My breakfast and dinners were probably the most consistent meals for me during my 1st month in a new state. 

Scrambled egg/egg whites, veggies, cheese + oats

Big salad – mixed greens, chicken, strawberries / veggies, dressing

I have the same breakfast every, and I absolutely love doing a giant salad for dinner with different fruits or veggies added in each week. As far as the meals in between, depending on the day they were all over the place. I relied a bit on protein powder + cereal, protein bars, eating out (typically Tropical Smoothie Cafe). It wasn’t exactly ideal, but it also wasn’t the worst…I could’ve been picking up Chick-fil-A or Bojangles every day instead. 🤢

During this 2 month time frame, I was taking in about 1,600-1,800 calories per day, depending on the day…which is pretty low for me being in my off season. 

The Next 4-6 Weeks

Now that I’m settled in my new place that is on the 3rd floor of the building — it’s great following leg day, I promise — I’ve decided to “buckle down” on my nutrition again. 

I wrote out my goals for the next month as well as my WHY and HOW I plan to accomplish them. 


  • Weight – ideally between 150-155lb. I’m currently sitting at 157.2lb.
    • Why? – 150-155# is where I feel at my best. I sleep well, my body feels good + recovery is good. I don’t feel “puffy” 
    • How? – Train. Eat to Fuel. Sleep. Recover. — Do all of this with intention
  • Body Fat – be under 20% body fat in my off season from competing. Currently sitting around 21% body fat.
    • Why? – I enjoy being at 20% — feel healthy. I’ve also made the choice to compete again Fall 2021 / Spring 2022, SO I’d absolutely love to be between 18-20% in my off season.
    • How? – Same as the body weight How
  • Stabilize caloric intake – as I said above, this has been all over the place lately, so it’d be nice to see how my body responds when it has a stable flow of energy each day.
    • Why? – body / metabolism needs to be stabilized if I want it to function optimally.
    • How? – Plan meals for the week, prepare meals for the day/week, stick to meal plan.
  • Consistency — is the key to success…
    • Why? – I like routine…I’m not bit on the whole chaos thing. Creating a consistent routine will help me to successfully tie my goals together.
    • How? – Create a plan…meal plan + training plan. Prepare for the week / the day before. Identify obstacles + plan around them. 

I’ve set my calories to 2,000 per day. 2 years ago, I did the Nicole Wilkins’ 10 Week Photoshoot Challenge and I still have the meal plan from the challenge, so I decided to pull that and use it to get me started with this reset. I’m pretty interested to see how my body responds / feels with having 200g of carbs consistently again…

My priority in the next 6 weeks is consistency with my eating again.

That being said, I’m not going to totally restrict myself from living life, especially since I just moved to a new city and am meeting people / exploring the food here. So, if friends want to grab lunch / dinner, I’m for it. I trust myself to adjust / customize what I need to when eating at a restaurant or on the go. 

My “Rules” to be Successful on this Reset:

  • Meal prep on Sundays (large scale)
  • Meal prep the night before (small scale – get individual meals ready)
  • 1 “free” meal each week…pick your day and meal wisely
  • Keep h20 high & consistent (at least 100oz per day)
  • Make smart food choices when out…keep goals in mind
  • Train 5-6 days / week with weights, 4-5 days / week of low intensity cardio

1st Weeks Meals

  1. Egg, egg whites, broccoli, cheese + oats, strawberries / English muffin, jelly
  2. Protein powder, collagen, Cheerios, almond milk (Post-Workout meal)
  3. Shredded pork tenderloin, rice, avocado
  4. Ground beef / chicken, egg, peppers/onion, rice
  5. Chicken, sweet potato, green beans, olive oil

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my meals. I basically have the same thing every week, I usually switch it up with different veggies and spices. BUT it’s not a bad thing…just means I’m consistent 😀

Anyways…I’m super excited to see where this reset takes me, I’m on my 3rd day of it and feeling good. 

I’m also excited that I am running an 8-Week Nutrition Reset Program starting Sunday, September 20th! This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about nutrition, your eating habits, and how to break down and build new habits + a new mindset when it comes to nutrition!

For more information, email me at

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