Where Are You?

Where are you not showing up for yourself right now? Where haven’t you been showing up for yourself for a while? Who or what have you been showing up for instead? These are all questions that I ask myself at the end of the month when I’m reviewing my previous months goals and intentions and…… Continue reading Where Are You?

Breakfast Nachos

If you’re like me, you love nachos! If it’s on the menu somewhere and I don’t find anything else appealing…you can bet that I’m getting the nachos. A few months ago…actually I was still living in New Hampshire, I happened to have tortilla chips in the house. Any sort of chip in my house is…… Continue reading Breakfast Nachos

Ryan’s Journey

Ryan’s journey began long before he met me, but it continued when we met in 2018. He was one of my first one-on-one clients, whom I met while working at Iron Empire in Dover, New Hampshire. We spent 12 weeks together for the 12 Week Transformation that the gym was running and met every Monday,…… Continue reading Ryan’s Journey

Values to Live By

“True success is reaching our potential without compromising our values” Muhammad Ali Over the past 2 years, I’ve begun to grasp what Muhammad Ali said. I’m understanding that without value, there’s no direction, there’s no standard by which one lives their life. Around the New Year, I spend a good amount of time reflecting on…… Continue reading Values to Live By

Chicken Avocado BLT Bowl

Meal prep is an essential part of my life and weekly / daily routine.Every Sunday, I take 1-2 hours of the morning to prep all of my food for the week, that way it’s easy to grab and go. And it destroys any excuse I might make of not being prepared and tempting myself to…… Continue reading Chicken Avocado BLT Bowl

Benefits of a Weekly Brain Dump

Last night, my dad called to chat about the2020 King of the Baggers Race that I had sent him a link to (Indian Motorcycles won, so this girl is quite happy). The conversation then turned to everything that needs to be done when him and my mom sell the house. Which led to brain dumps…what…… Continue reading Benefits of a Weekly Brain Dump

Are You Patient?

Patience:the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. As humans, we lack patience with – ourselves, others, the world we live in, our careers, goals, etc.In the world we currently live in, we have technology that basically allows us access to unlimited information and services like Amazon Prime where…… Continue reading Are You Patient?

Little Reminders

Friday, September 25th 2020 At 6:00am my alarm went off, as it does every day. Normally, I would get up, go through my little morning routine, making breakfast, writing a bit then head to the gym. Today, I decided to take a much needed day off from the weights – both physical and mental need,…… Continue reading Little Reminders

Speak Your Truth

**Warning — Emotionally Raw Post – At Least for Me It Is** This morning I was asked something that I didn’t think would hit me as hard as it did, let alone cause a mini crying fit. It was like a gut punch, and one that I’ve subconsciously been ignoring for who knows how long…… Continue reading Speak Your Truth


This morning I had a mini debate with myself. This tends to happen quite often as I’m someone who very rarely is able to make a decision without laying out all the facts & details first. What was my debate about? Whether or not I wanted to go to a coffee shop or stay at…… Continue reading Challenge