Benefits of a Weekly Brain Dump

Last night, my dad called to chat about the2020 King of the Baggers Race that I had sent him a link to (Indian Motorcycles won, so this girl is quite happy). The conversation then turned to everything that needs to be done when him and my mom sell the house. Which led to brain dumps…what…… Continue reading Benefits of a Weekly Brain Dump

Just Do It

Going into 2020 my motto was “Just Do It” and “Make It Happen.” In the past, I never really had words that I lived by, or at least not anything that was constantly in my mind. I have subtle reminders, like “perseverance” tattooed on my neck in Braille. As well as, “All the strength you…… Continue reading Just Do It

What’s Your Identity?

The past 2 months have truly tested our endurance. With such a large disruption to our lives and routines, I want to focus on MINDSET. There are many avenues to approach our mindset and daily challenges, and right now is the perfect time to reflect on them. I went for a walk Sunday morning, pretty ritual…… Continue reading What’s Your Identity?